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Ruin is a Darkspear establishment and one of the oldest guilds on the server. We are PvE progression guild that formed on January 11, 2005. We pride ourselves on having seen every ounce of content ... from the old 40 man Naxx to the current Terrace of Endless Spring to the World Dragons to the servers only pre-BC C'thun kill.

We are currently looking for a Shadow Priest or WW Monk with an ilvl of 490+. Additionally, we have an opening for a MW Monk that has a solid dps OS gear set. Also, we will consider any dps with an ilvl of 490+.

Our current raid times are Monday through Thursday from 6st - 9st+ Tues/Thurs.

If you are interested in progressing as a 25 man guild (psst, more gear drops per Boss kill ... potentially more raid time), please contact myself, Agrevail, or Silvia ... or visit our website, www.ruin-ds.com
Taken from a blue post concerning Thunderforged Drop Rates for 25 Man Raids:

"To attempt to navigate this minefield, we’re going to try having Thunderforged items drop more frequently in 25-player raids. They’ll be somewhat rare in both cases compared to the standard versions that’ll drop, but they’ll be even rarer in 10s. Overall, a 25-player group will be more likely to end up with a slightly higher item level after several weeks of raiding. "
I've heard of you guys yesterday, I watched a five-part series of videos of basically a bunch of vent rage and then followup in TB back from Cata. Then I proceeded to look at your site and research you all a bit. Interesting guild, you guys seem very cool and real. I liek dat.

In all seriousness I'm interested to see your pve department, that is, if this is the same Ruin in question. The one related to Maldaven if I'm correct? Anyways, hope to see some fun things, and maybe a pvp department take an interest?

Again I'm well aware you are the pve version, but do you know of the pvp guild? And if so is it connected to your org.?
The .org is the old website that we migrated from ... what you're seeing is not a PvP version of the guild Ruin, but recruitment posts indicating our server is a PvP server.


The Maldaven you speak of (the hunter and the nerd rage) is from a guild on the Kil'Jaeden server ... not us. The "Ruin" guilds are not even remotely related.

Our "glory" of PvP was in Vanilla (the old pre-made BG Grand Marshal grinds) and BC (when we had a fair amount of good arena PvP'ers in the guild) ... plus we were the one time home of Swifty.
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/bump we still have room for a few more dps.
Aggy <3
I may be interested. I have a Monk Tank (ilvl 480+) and a Druid Heals/Boomkin (ilvl 480+) and I am trying to find a guild who raids. I also have a few other DPS who are all 480+ at least who are looking to move with me as well when I find a new home.
Just head to our forums at ruin-ds.com all are welcome :)

/bump with updated information for upcoming 5.2 patch .
Hi. Can I join? <3
Hey, I'm interested in this guild as well, I'm a ret dps paladin that is ilvl 480+. I have previous raiding experience in Wrath however that was as a DK tank.
Hi. Can I join? <3

O M G ... Wence ! Have not seen your name in a long long time. btw this is Nymph.
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