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Is anyone able to take a look at these computers and tell me which one is better? And maybe a little discription of why lol. Its really driving me insane trying to pick a computer because i know nothing. These two computers are about the same price but one must be better and i don't know which

HP Pavilion P6-2302A Desktop Tower

HP Pavilion P6-2412A Desktop

The people in the shops don't help because they don't really know, and anyways.. they are just trying to sell me the one that makes them the most profit. I want to be able to get decent fps and do LFR without lagging.

This one is a bit too expensive but i want to show you just out of curiousity. How much better would this computer be than the others? Would it improve my game ALOT more? Would it last longer? Or is it just kind of overrated?

Pryon PRY-GFX8241 Storm Enforcer Gaming Desktop

Thanks :) (btw buying one online or building myself isnt a option)

/// i posted that in the wrong forum so im reposting it here.
that other computer will be about 5 times as fast imo. it will run medium settings smoothly maybe even high in some areas.

however, the other two, i fear, would stutter and drop frames even on low at times.

you can get something better than the higher end one online for around $900 just so you know, if you can open up that option in any way.
Those computers are all awful for the price. If difficulty of building your first computer is what you're worried about, I taught my 12 year old brother how to build a computer and he did just fine.
Those prices are god-awful. Why can't you buy from somewhere else? Instead of the first two you linked, you'd want to get this instead: http://www.harveynorman.com.au/hp-pavilion-p6-2306a-desktop-pc.html

Reason being it has the same video card - Geforce 630 - which is really low end, I mean it will run WoW, but maybe at medium details - and a solid Intel I5 cpu. A better cpu won't matter at all if you still have a Geforce 630.

The last one you linked is only better because of the Radeon 7770, which is still a low-side-of-midrange gpu, and it's paired with an FX-8150 cpu, which was a bad design and is outdated and replaced by the 8320/8350. It's not at all worth the extra money they want for it.

I'd encourage you to shop around.
Here ya go OP: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?tab=Systems&cPath=1411

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