Non-lethal Poisons.

I wish it had any sort of effect on non-casters and in PvE. Maybe the weakened blows effect (-10% physical damage done) would be a decent addition to the current effects.

On another note non-lethals are pretty worthless in PvE, Elusiveness is much better than Leeching Poison. MN, Paralytic, and Crip have little or no use in PvE, so why not just a poison that debuffs the target with -12% armor and/or +4% physical dmg taken call it acidic poison or something.
Leeching Poison can save your healers some mana.
02/06/2013 06:45 PMPosted by Loroen
Leeching Poison can save your healers some mana.

No way, Elusiveness is friggin' awesome, 2/3 damage reduction, plus can reduce any undispelable dots ticks of damage

Tell me it's not worth and I tell you otherwise

Unseen Strike does ... Dunno, let's say 300k

You'd reduce to 100k~102k with Elusiveness plus Feint, right?

Okay, but now let's say you use Leeching Poison, it's 150k damage you take

Those 50k-leeching-poison-heal will come in ... 10secs more or less ( remember POISONS don't proc it ), unless you use Shiv too, but ALWAYS 40 energy on a small interval ( Feint + Shiv ) will make you starved, I'd say

Plus, healers won't care and will heal you before those 10secs anyway, unless you warn them before the pull, but that seems risky, they may forget and just heal whoever got damage, including you

Unless you're combat ( Killing Spree ) and have two friggin'-goodie-slow-weapons, I don't think Leeching Poison is worth more than Elusiveness in any kind of way

You take less damage, they heal you less

You take more damage, they heal you more

Or you will try to tell me that they cast a 200k heal on a guy that only suffered 100k damage?

Anyway, that's just my opinion
too much of leeching poison heals go to overhealing in my experience.
You can get the substantial AOE-reducing damage component of Feint without talenting into it. Leeching poison's passive is decent, but being able to Shiv for 5% health every 10 seconds is pretty nice, especially in weird fights where you might be out of range of healers (Garalon, I'm looking at you.) It allows you a second option for self-healing outside of using combo points.
I don't even think mind numbing is that useful with all the instant casts, I wish we had another option I'd use paralytic if it was a baseline poison.

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