[H] 10 Man - T/W/Sun - 9pm -12am - 6/16hm

Area 52
<Cryogen> is recruiting skilled raiders to complete our newly transferred raid team. We came from a server where the timezone, and lack of player population, really hindered our ability to progress at our greatest potential.

That being said, we still kept 5 of our strongest members and intend to add 5 more. This is where you come in, below is a list of what we need the most, as well as instructions on how to apply.

Off Tank - Paladin or Monk
Healer with DPS offspec - Shaman preferred or Monk
Ranged - Warlock/Elemental Shaman/Mage/Hunter
Melee - Rogue/Warrior

Please visit our guild website or send us a tell in game if you are interested. www.cryogen.us /w (Rysha, Areela, Saralin)

FYI (Our ages range from 18 - 35. Our average age is around 26, please be 18 or older.)
Melee spots are filled for now. Thanks!
Thank you all for your interest. We just need a few more raiders and we'll be up and running for Tuesday. (2/12/2013)

We need ranged DPS, and an off-tank still.

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