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I've noticed since I started playing again, which was shortly after the release of MoP, that these weird "theories" have sprung up in regards to mount drops. I'm not just talking about the ever elusive Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, or Son of Galleon's Saddle. It goes back farther, much farther. . .

Most of us are 90, and a good portion can be considered geared. We can solo "Normal" (and even Heroic, if you know what you're doing) Stonecore and the Vortex Pinnacle, both Cataclysm dungeons, with ease. Why would we want to do this? The dragon mounts! Stonecore's boss Slabhide drops the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, and the Vortex Pinnacle's Altairus drops the Reins of the Drake of the North. Both are very desirable, and with the new "cross-realm" feature, I'm definitely not tagging Aeonaxx anytime soon for his Stone Drake mount, which is more of a "motivation" to run these dungeons.

There are, of course, older instances like Stratholme (dead side And the WotLK instance with the Bronze drake), Magister's Terrace, Sethekk Halls, The Oculus, and Utgarde Pinnacle that drop rare mounts, which I can imagine have been solo'd constantly for years.

And don't get me started on raids. . . ~cough~ Onyxia ~cough~.

And if you're clueless world drops, there's the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake dropped by a giant Stone Drake named Aeonaxx in Deepholm, and the (in)famous Time Lost Proto-Drake with his mount drop in Storm Peaks. You could count in Alani, BUT. . . Good ol' Blizzard is making us work for that one.

Now, here's the thing. I own the White Hawkstrider, the Raven Lord, and the Blue Proto-Drake. In fact, I got the Raven Lord and the Proto-Drake the same day within a span of fifteen minutes of each other on November 15th, 2011, which was almost three months ago. I farmed the hawkstrider everyday between three (well, mostly this toon since she was my only 85 at the time) toons consecutively for almost two months before it finally dropped on my Death Knight in April. The Raven Lord. . . Ugh, don't get me started. I started farming him in March, took a break in June until September when I picked the game back up, and began killing Anzu again. He dropped in November. I think the easiest farm was the Blue Proto-Drake, which dropped on my (guestimate?) 15th mount run? It wasn't a very long farm.

Well, no. . . I take that back. . . the Bronze Drake had to be the easiest. Come on, kill the boss before the 25 minute time limit for a 100% mount drop? They need more like that.

This post isn't a "Ha ha! I got these mounts and you don't!" ordeal. It's my proof that these mounts still exist and will drop after X amount of kills/looting. Most of you are like "Well, hurr durr! I could of told you that!" because that's how I would interpret this IF I hadn't seen these insane questions and assumptions myself.


Let's start with a popular one: The Time Lost Proto-Drake! As of 5.2, he still spawns and the mount DOES drop 100% of the time. Regardless of your server's population, the cross-realm zones enable other players from your battle group to roam Storm Peaks. I've noticed with the start of CRZ, I've seen less rare spawns all over beginning at level 50 until 85 (in Pandaria). What exactly does that mean? More people in the area, meaning more mount hunters like yourself "camping". It's highly likely that when your NPScan goes off, he's already been tagged and killed. Even without CRZ, I'm sure you'd get the same result on a highly populated server. I'm from Zuluhed, which was recently set to "New Player" status. I've been on that server for almost two years, and back then it was "Medium". I feel like my poor, pet Death Knight would of had his mount by now, since he's been looking for it since it was put in-game. Oh well. Back to the topic. The only time the mount wouldn't drop is if you didn't tag/kill it yourself. There are idiots that have pulled the TLPD in front of K3, and the guards won't hesitate to kill it, setting it to where you can't loot the corpse. I've heard of other acts of stupidity, but that's the most common.

Aeonaxx is the same concept, only if you tag and fail to kill him, he despawns completely. And the way I've seen Deepholm lately, you have a better chance of seeing the TLPD. . . ~sighs~ Been hunting that sucker for over a year, and seen him dead twice. . . Woe is me.

Dungeon and raid mounts! These are where I find the weirdest of the weird in terms of assumptions. The highest amount of Stonecore runs I've seen before a mount drop was nearly 2,000. This person spent literally all day and all night, only to be stopped by that lovely "you have entered too many instances recently" message. But it did drop. People have run through this instance almost ten times and begin the "Oh my god! It doesn't drop anymore?! Are you kidding me?!"

~face palm~ So because you don't get what you want immediately, you're going to assume it no longer exists? I've gone through Stonecore almost forty times solely for the mount, and I'm like "Oh, I downed him in 30 seconds? Awesome! I beat my record of 47!" after the "pointless" kill and reset the instance for another attempt. A friend of mine just looted his the other day after almost three hundred runs. I'm going for a possible Onyxian drake as well, and it has yet to drop for me or my hubby, but it dropped for an old guildie who did not hesitate to fly around in circles above me to "rub it in".

And it's not limited to just Stonecore and Onyxia's Lair, I'm using that as a prime example because that is my current main farm after looting my Raven Lord. If they're in your dungeon journal, they still drop.

"The Dungeon Journal is bugged! It's glitched! It's flawed" Oh my god, the stuff I've read. . . There is truly an excuse for everything it seems.

Much to my surprise, a lot of people don't believe the new Rare World Drops exist. I've seen Alani's mount a couple of times on my server, and a few in my battle group. I've never had the pleasure of seeing the other two, but I don't think that they're glitched because of that.

Now, here's my "crazy theory" which will be bashed and such because it goes against the new common belief. ~Ahem~

. . . Back to Stonecore! A dungeon that can be solo'd on Normal several times in a row, reset after reset. The Sha has a very short spawn timer, and can be killed time after time, and oh the coin rolls! In short, it's a fast and simple kill, much like Slabhide. Do you honestly think you're going to loot that mount just like that? I can kill Slabhide under half a minute multiple times a day, and do I have my mount? I wish.

After playing this game and farming/camping for mounts for months, even I laugh when someone says "Oh, this will be an easy farm!" because really, it isn't. The ones that seem the easiest are most likely the ones you'll never see, even after a year or so. Notice how I said "see" and not "own". . .

And Galleon, how often is he up? I was lucky to fight him once, and I've only seen him again one more time after that fight (dead). Since then, nothing. I haven't even heard about Galleon on my general/trade chat unless it's some troll seeking to spam the hell out of a player that pissed he or she off. Perhaps that is why we rarely, if ever, see his mount drop? Maybe after the next PTR we'll start seeing the Son of Galleon more often.

Just don't go making crazy assumptions and then post about conspiracies. . . Those topics never end well.

And the ones that generally don't exist in game like the Blighted Proto-Drake can be purchased at the Black Market Auction House if you have the gold to burn. Bidding starts at, what? 10-15k gold? Eesh!

If you're new to mount hunting, or have never even heard of the ones mentioned, here's some links to give you a general idea of what you're looking for. Keep in mind Wowhead isn't 100% reliable, but it does help with Rare spawn points, ect.

Instances (There are a lot more, but these were the ones I mentioned)


World Drop


If you have any tips or interesting stories, please share. I'm sure we can compare frustrations.
See, the galleon mount not being seen is one thing. Its understandable, as it is a rare spawn with an expected low drop chance on the mount. Sha however is an entirely different scenario. When you have servers such as illidan, tichondrius, KT, proudmoore not seeing a mount that THOUSANDS of people kill a week, you have to wonder just how low the drop rate is.

There is some fairly solid evidence out there of blingatron dropping the engineering mounts. Those are essentially 60,000 gold drops. The fact that there isn't any evidence whatsoever on the sha mount dropping in over 100,000 kills is deeply disturbing.

And yes, I am familiar with the goddess of RNG. The sha mount statistics however are fishy no matter how you look at them.
With conservative estimates I think the number was around 1.9 million chances so far with 0 drops.
02/06/2013 10:22 PMPosted by Slapjack
With conservative estimates I think the number was around 1.9 million chances so far with 0 drops.

Even the classic baron rivendare drop rate wasn't close to that astronomically low.
No matter how you cut it, and what you say. There isn't one reason for a mount to have not dropped by now. Rare or not, sha/galleon's mounts are right now MIA and not accountable by anyone.
The thing about the Sha mount is that there's solid mathematical evidence to suggest it doesn't exist.

Lets say on average, Sha is killed and looted on average 2 times a day per server.
There are 563 or so servers (lets round down to 550 for simplicity).

So, everyday Sha is looted 44000 times (excluding coin rolls).

Now, with the LFR style looting system that Sha uses, there's a 15% chance you randomly get an item of loot. Lets say that the chance of getting the mount is very low, at 0.1% of that loot table.

So we're looking at 0.00015 chance per person, to get the mount.

Which means per day, there's a 0.00136 that the mount DOESN'T drop for at least one person.

Now, lets say it's been 18 weeks since Sha became killable by the general public. That's 126 days.

At 44,000 loots a day, that's 5,544,000 loots.

Chance of NO-ONE having the Sha mount after that?


Yeah, that's kinda low. I wouldn't bet any money on people just being unlucky and not getting ot.
Even so there's a difference between;
"Rare" "RNG" and "Non-Existent"

As one of the more hard-core mount collectors in the game I know the difference between the three and when too much is too much.
(The only drop chance on a mount I have ever found astronomical was the original Rivendare - And they reverted that and I do believe no other super low drops have been placed in like that on a boss since.)

Sha mount /is/ bugged;
We should be seeing a small handful of them on high population servers.
In theory if it were a .5% to 1% drop it'd be a decently seen mount - Which really isn't a problem.

The problem is it literally just doesn't exist right now.
It's not rare - It's not RNG - It's non-existent
cool story op, not
Does anybody know anything about the old rare spawns timer changes?
Apparently Aeonaxx and a bunch of other rares timers got cut in half or something(or at least that's what I have heard from a few people).
cool story op, not

It was a cool story.

Your comment, however, was unoriginal.
In fact, I got the Raven Lord and the Proto-Drake the same day within a span of fifteen minutes of each other on November 15th, 2011, which was almost three months ago.

Something like this happened to me recently and it made me wonder if there's some sort of pattern to mount drops, or maybe a small window of time each day when it's possible for them to drop. I run the dungeons that drop mounts on a daily basis, and the raids weekly. Last night I decided to run for Onyxia. It was only my second time trying to get her, but she dropped. After totally geeking out for a few minutes, I decided to go and try my luck in The Eye of Eternity. Sure enough, the Reins of the Azure Drake dropped. You can imagine my surprise. I can't imagine what the chances of such a thing happening are, but it's interesting that I'm apparently not the only one who has experienced this. Maybe it was just dumb luck... but for those who are farming for mounts, it might be worth it to try for another right after you've gotten one to drop. Normally, I run the dungeons in the early afternoon... but now that I think about it, every time I've gotten a mount to drop it has been during the early morning hours when I just randomly decided to run one.

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