[RP Event] [H&A] Love is in the Air Formal.

Emerald Dream
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On a piece of stationary decorated with smiling pink elekks is written a note in large, purple letters, the i’s dotted with hearts:

Dear Friends,

It’s a party and you’re invited! As long as you’re not part of the Singing Star Band, of course, because it’s a super romantic, happy, fun party for Love is in the Air! There’ll be balloons, and music, and dancing, and pretty dresses (so dress nice, but if you're a guy, don't wear a dress, okay?), and flowers, but no clowns. Because clowns are scary. Oh, and there’ll be fun. Lots of fun! And cake - hopefully heart-shaped! Maybe even Pin the Tail on the Elekk...

It’ll be on February 17th, in the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath City, at 9:30 PM(Server time). PM means at night. I don’t know what the P or the M stands for.

Hope to see you there!

Horde and Alliance are both encouraged and welcome.


Blood Lord Ravenhul Thaladrad
((Reserved for Updates))
You let Hooves design those, didn't you?
Seyahat looks at the letter, then at the signature, then at the letter again. Then she sits down and puts the letter to one side, reaches for her flask and takes several long swallows of whiskey. Then she looks at the letter again, from the pink elekks to the flourished signature, and tries to choke back the laughter.

Carefully she pens her RSVP.


You should read things before you sign them.

However, I would be pleased to attend your "super romantic, happy, fun party for Love is in the Air." I especially look forward to playing Pin the Tail on the (
Blood Lord is carefully struck through with a single line) Elekk.

All best regards to your beloved Nehelennia,

Seyahat Nightrunner
Aeryia looked at the man before her, a pink letter crushed beneath her foot.

"Why do you come here?" She asked him.

"I was hoping you'd come to the formal with me,"

She pulled his hair back, and whispered in his ear.

"Now why on earth would you think I'd want to do that?"

"Mistress, I love you!" he sobbed.

She gasped as she flashed back to the day before the scurge. The last time she had heard those words. The warmth of her husbands hand in hers, the twinkle in her daughter's voice as she heard, "I love you, Mommy"

Aeryia choked back her sob and said,

"Love is gone, fool."

She snapped his neck, the bent to pick up the letter.

Maybe I will go, she thought. He might be at this stupid party. Twirling her hammer fondly, she set off towards Shattrah City.
Dycern looks over the 'festive' letter with distaste. One eye twitching as she reads through. Promptly she crumples it up and tosses it over her shoulder, but after taking one step away she stops, turns and picks it up again. She shrugs to herself, turns the letter over and begins to write her RSVP on the back of the paper.

'I wouldn't want your patrons to feel the night was a let down because of lack of Moonglow Vials. So, I shall arrive with a crate or two and expect full payment upon delivery. '

Araane looks over the letter with a building rage, fingers curling about the festive paper. She crumples it up, tossing it forcibly into the fireplace of the Scarlet Raven. Sitting down heavily on the stonework next to it, she retrieves her flask, shaking her head as she mutters.

“This is it, this is going to be the beating that undoes that stupid, insubordinate, wretched creature, unlike any beating she has -ever- received."

She takes a heavy drink from the flask, standing up and storming out into the town square.
Legren snarled at the letter. " Fel-induced prissy elf.. Why would anyone attend such a pointless event? Hmph, Idiots."

Legren turned and began walking away.

He stopped and turned back around. He pulled a vial of boar blood from his bags, dabbed a bit of it on his fingers and began writing.

He grinned his one-tusked grin.

He soon found a goblin. "Find the elf. Give him the letter." The orc threw the at the goblin who scrambled to catch it.

He looked down at the parchment a shiver passed down his spine. He glanced at Legren one more time and ran off.

Legren grinned once again. "Hellscream's Eyes are upon you."
Tera flinched back as the large, Gilnean raven swooped down, pecking at her face. “What in the fel is this?” She snarled, smacking at the obnoxious bird with one hand. Noticing something tied with frilled, pink ribbon to its leg, though, she darted her hand out, catching it by the neck. “How’d you find me?” She murmured curiously, but brought the now-frantic bird inside anyways.

She slammed it, back down, against the table inside the house, and undid the letter. As her eyes skimmed the cheesy, purple font, a slow smile spread across her face. “Now.. I’ve never met Blood Lord Thaladrad, but he almost sounds like Hooves..”

She releases the raven’s neck and picks up a quill from an ink well instead, dipping it before writing her RSVP in attractive, slanted lettering. The raven flips itself up and launches off of the table, knocking into the doorway in a shower of black feathers in its panic before it finds the exit.

Blood Lord Thaladrad,

We’d be happy to attend your event, and even offer assistance if any is needed to prepare.
I hope whatever wonderful woman is doing the planning is having a good time, especially with those pink elekks, and tell her Tera sends her best wishes.

- Master Huntress Chiroptera Swiftwing

She chuckles after signing her name, sliding the invitation across the table. “This.. should be interesting.” She says.
Shorand had stilled at his work fletching, looking up when Tera had come in with the noisy winged messenger and briefly raising a brow. His eyes went back to the work at hand when she loosed the message and started reading, a few glances between her face and the missive as she started writing. Her exclamation made him look up again, and setting the work aside he took it in hand to read it over himself. His dark brows raised up together. " I'll say so. " he agreed, before reaching for the quill and ink himself: and added his own name beneath hers in elegant curves and simple flourishes. " & Shorand L. Starshatter "
Del leaned against the nearby table as he watched the angry bear rattle off her threats and stomp out of the tavern. He gave a light sigh, eyes darting to the fire.

"Would you mind not burning the letter or myself too badly?"

At the shaman's request the flames parted to give his hand a path to retrieve the singed piece of paper. He offered a quiet thanks as the flames closed the gap behind his exiting hand

"Damn it, Nehel..."
, was all he managed to mutter upon reading the pink monstrosity of text. He then turned the paper over and wrote a short message on its back.

-"The Stormwarders will be there with bells on. Be sure there is a healthy amount of cheese to be had.."-
How do you claim to serve the Horde when you invite Alliance to events such as this

How do you claim to serve the Horde when you invite Alliance to events such as this


With the quickness of the wind, Shockblast's palm smacks up against the back of Bronkk's head.


Let's out a cough and clears his throat.

I will do my part to show up as your fellow guildmate and member of the Worg Raider, Ravenhul.
((OOC: Senleon does wish that he could post this. I will do it in his stead. I will take the ring to Mordor... Or Shattrath, in this case.))

*Sen tries his hardest to write on the paper but his drunken hands cannot flow the way his mind does.*

"Dearest Ravenhul,
While I am very saddened by the news that the Singing Star Band will not be playing at your 'party' I can assure you that representatatatives ((sic)) of the Starsong Tribe will in fact be there.

On behalf of the Sentinels of the Tribe we appreciate this gesture but rest assured, this is by no means bridging a gap between our two factions.

Nonetheless, we will come. We will drink your beer and steal your women and then leave.
Thank you again, Light guide your hand.

-Sen Alsthar"

*He then rolls up the paper into a scroll and tosses it, missing, to Kiri.*

"See to it that the Elves get that. I've more swig to drink and to plan our next attack."

*His head lands hard on the table as he passes out.*
Ravenhul, I am glad you are showing your... romantic side for once. However, the moment I see you walking into a corner with another bastard Elf, I will not think twice of bolting you in the back where you stand.
Light poured into the office, clouded and yellow through the paper slats that covered the room's single window. Rasek sat hunched over his desk, his shoulders tense, a pair of small glasses teetering on the end of his nose.

"Dear friends," He began, looking up at the woman in his doorway at the word "friends". "Dere's eh... ting, party. We can come, s'in de place wit de light mon--"

"Sunnymoon?" The woman shifted the baby in her arms to her other shoulder.

"No no eh, de purple on in de Outlands. Wit de squid ting. De mon. Hooves." Rasek wiggled his fingers. "Ya know. Dray-nee or whateva."

She nodded.

"Anyway we eh, invited to dis elf party to do elf junk wit elves. An dey invited de Alliance." He pushed the invitation away from him, as if the physical act would somehow distance him from the Alliance all together. "Guess if nuttin else we get to see a few fights, eh?"

The baby began to squirm and coo in Zaezha's arms. "Jus' be careful, aiight? Don't wantcha comin home widda puke on ya vest again."
*Bordak scratches his head looking at the letter.*

What does it mean? What conspiracy is this? It must be a trap. It would be very unwise to attend.

*Bordak runs his hand over his scratchy chin thinking*

But maybe that is what they are thinking, and they KNOW that I will know it is a conspiracy, they are planning on it and will ambush me at my fine home? Or...wait, where was I? Perhaps it is that they know that I know that they know...errr, no, that would mean they know, that I maybe know, ...okay, okay, lots of negatives there.

*Bordak reaches for some paper and an unused pen, lights a candle as the light outside fades. He begins drawing diagrams...*

So if A is to B, and B is to C, what does that tell me about A and C? Nothing...*scratches the marks out*...but if the attack is A and I have a double negative denoted by this, I'll call it a Venn diagram after the gnome who tried to explain it to me, and that relates to the attack D, I'll use a square here, wait I used attack twice. Okay D is now...what is D?

*Bordak crosses it all out talking to himself some more.*

Let's look at this as a process. I have an invitation. That invitation was sent by bird. That bird probably flew a long way is very tired.

*Bordak looks outside at the darkening night.*

I wonder if the bird is hungry? Where will he or she sleep? Ohh frick, I should have put out some water or bird seed.

*Bordak snaps his fingers.*

Distractions! They meant to catch me unaware with distractions! Hah! I'll show them. I will do the unexpected and go to this party~!

*Bordak chuckles to himiself as his devious plans come to fruition. Bordak laughs... mwhahhaahhaha...cough, cough...reaches for some hot tea. It's kind of chilly out and one can never be too careful.*
[quote]How do you claim to serve the Horde when you invite Alliance to events such as this


With the quickness of the wind, Shockblast's palm smacks up against the back of Bronkk's head.

Swats shockblast's hand away.

"Come on, man! Now he's all cross-eyed and drooling! He had 7 brain cells left and now he's down to 3.
[quote]How do you claim to serve the Horde when you invite Alliance to events such as this


With the quickness of the wind, Shockblast's palm smacks up against the back of Bronkk's head.

Swats shockblast's hand away.

"Come on, man! Now he's all cross-eyed and drooling! He had 7 brain cells left and now he's down to 3.

He shouldn't be banging his head against Alliance shields. That is why they never implemented headbutting for Warrior training.
*Nods at Imfernal and stands behind him glaring menacingly*

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