Disable Aggro on Portrait script?

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As the title says, I'm looking for a script / addon that would disable the red aggro color that goes around your portrait shown in the below image.

I looked for something also quite some time ago, back when Blizzard removed the ability to show or hide the Aggro Warning from the default Interface settings. I found this and it works:

Changing threatWarning indicator
You can set it in game via the Console command or manually in the config-cache.wtf file.

in game:

/console threatWarning X where X is 0 = OFF, 1 = in dungeons, 2 = in party/raid, 3 = always


type this into the config-cache.wtf file:

SET threatWarning "X" where X is 0 = OFF, 1 = in dungeons, 2 = in party/raid, 3 = always
Im trying to do what above poster mentioned, and it still doesnt stop the threat glow around my portraits, really annoying when playing a Blood DK because it covers up the runes.

Everytime i add it to /server/character/config-cache.wtf when i log in it deletes that line of code i added

Using /console threatWarning 0 doesnt do anything.

So far ive managed to get /console threatWarning 0=0 to work to stop the glow around the portrait and instead it glows inside the noncolored box, but its only temporary, can anyone help?
Everytime i add it to /server/character/config-cache.wtf when i log in it deletes that line of code i added

This would seem to suggest you have an issue with your files rather than with the specific setting.
Try this. Look up other lines in config-cache.wtf file. Close the file then try starting up wow and changing the corresponding setting in interface options. Log out normally out of wow and then go back to the config file and see if the setting you changed within the game, changed in the file as well. If not, then you've got either an issue with file permissions or maybe your game is saved in C:/Program Files (x86) and you're looking at the wrong WTF folder as the real one will be in a different place. Report back what you get when trying to change another setting and I can try to troubleshoot you from there.
Ok did what ya said. I found the line
SET lfgSelectedRoles

It was a "2" when i had tank selected then i changed it DPS and logged out and now it is a "8"
So it writing to my config-cache.wtf is working, its just when i add
SET threatWarning "0" it deletes the line upon logging in.

Im using notepad to edit it if that makes any difference.
Hmmm. Do you have any addons that may affect aggro settings? If you disable all addons, do you still get the threat line removed from the config file?
I did
/dump GetCVarInfo("threatWarning")

And it outputs

Dunno what that means, but i found that command on another similar thread.

I dont use any addons besides DBM, OmniCC, DoomCDPulse, TidyPlates, AtlasLoot, Recount
Still happens no matter what i try. Guess no-one has any solutions. I really don't like addons either, id like to stick to default UI.

Dont know why blizzard hasn't added the option back in to disable it yet, it used to be there, now it only exists for raid frames.
Well it seems you are correct. I have tried this and though it is still listed as a CVar, typing the line in does nothing as it's automatically deleted when wow starts up.
Now I do not know if this is because there needs to be a change in some other CVar in order for this one to work or maybe one of your addons is forcing this in some way, like TidyPlates (which I'm also running) who does do threat stuff. You might want to try this with your addons turned off.

Checkboxes they'll remove often when they run out of space and people are not using the option almost at all but you can access most of those still from script.
As for why they'd remove the option altogether, it's true they rarely do this. Usually if there's some major change in the way the function works or some major UI element rework, this happens but I don't remember threat being touched at all since...back in vanilla I think when there were some noises about target specific threat meters built in and that was never implemented. One of the later patches I remember affected Omen in a big way and that was about the only time I've seen omen get a critical update but even that was years ago.
Guys do you have any idea of why if my aggro percentages box is checked, it doesn not show? i'm watching the config scripts but i can't find something helpfull

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