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Even if they remove the crz-data centre restriction you are only sharing it with

Emerald Dream
The Venture Co
Twisting Nether

Most are low pop anyway, may as well combine them altogether.
02/07/2013 02:22 PMPosted by Frostbringer
Maiev is not CRZ-free. Unless it somehow managed to be the ONLY straight PvP realm on its cluster.
I see a lot of Maiev players on my server.
I have no problem being mixed with the other RP-PvP realms, but as Durh said, we are not, currently, and don't look to be for the future. So, give us a look, browse our realm forums, check out our RP forums (link can be found on our server forums), or drop us a line on the realm forums.
Isn't Venture Co. CRZ-free as well?
This thread needs an Aerena post, too.
Ravenholdt really is a unique community. All the separate facets that add to its charm have pretty much been discussed...so let me just say that I can't imagine playing on a different server.

We hope you stop in and check it out! Feel free to contact me in-game if you have any questions or would like more information about the RP community!
I am seriously intrigued, especially since my pocket tank is quitting, but idk what side to join :(
You're welcome to join either side. Honestly, we need Alliance to start to even things out. That said, you could always roll both.

If you're looking for PvP action (even just a little), you would be better off going Alliance, since there are so many more Horde targets to choose from.

If you roll Horde, it's actually difficult to find Alliance except in a few small areas.
See I'm really not big on pvp tbh, and I worry about trying to make gold on ally side if its dead. :(
02/07/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Chegoatvera
I am seriously intrigued, especially since my pocket tank is quitting, but idk what side to join :(

I hear and have seen some really attractive Female Orcs running around Ogr on RH...Hell I even made mine to look like the 80s bombshell and man destroyer named Peggy Bundy.

Also I hear that every week on tuesday, gold falls from the sky in Ogr. I guess its one of the benefits of being Horde on Ravenholdt.
02/07/2013 10:32 AMPosted by Durh

It's an opinion if you log in to such servers and find them plentiful.....just log on to my server or his server an tell me is our opinion that our realms aren't dead and perhaps CRZ is broken because I never see any people nor anything that other players complain about CRZ....other than the bugs on norththread.

There are CRZ-free realms not sure why because of what people have explain on how crz works. But yeah maiev is another CRZ-free realm.

Well, ultimately, this thread was started about Ravenholdt, not Maiev. You're welcome to try and thread-jack or go start your own thread, but I believe "one of the few CRZ-free servers" is an honest claim. We are CRZ-free, not because of lack of capability, but because Blizzard's policy is only to auto-CRZ like servers. We're the only RP-PvP server in our datacenter, so we can't be CRZ'd with anyone ATM.

I'm not worried about Maiev. It's not my server.

LMAO....I'm not really concern that you are not worried about maiev. I was replying to a person on this thread because the word opinion was ill used.

If you are threaten that people might hop on over to maiev, because much like your own realm maive is pretty much CRZ-free for the same reasons, rather than your role playing realm I'm sorry. Thing is I was not trying to thread-jack your thread I was replying on the thread.

The fact is that if you play in this realm you still don't see anyone out there on the zones dispite of CRZ. I'm currently leveling through questing because my wife love questing and we have not seen any healthy number of people out there.
if it wasnt for pvp, id move a toon over there with all my BoAs and just use that to lvl up alts...
02/07/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Zg
This thread needs an Aerena post, too.

I was planning on posting here as soon as I got off of work and here I am!

For those interested in Ravenholdt, we do have a lot to offer. We have a pretty close-knit community and we try to support each other's RP, PvE, and PvP endeavors. Sure, you'll find little rivalries and we have our drama, but from what I've heard, it's relatively tame compared to other servers.

For those that are worried about PvP, I would recommend rolling here just to see how it is. I think when I was leveling Aerana in Pandaria, I got killed once (?) by a Horde. The same goes for when I was leveling my alts. If someone is being camped, people are usually willing to come and help out. We have some global channels for RPers and I know they collaborate when issues arise!

We invite you to check out our Realm Forums and our RP Forums, if you're interested. I'm sure if you pop on over to the Realm Forums, we can answer any questions you might have (plus, you'll find information on the global RP channel, the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum, Ravenholdt IRC, and other means to meet the community!).

I hope to see some of you around =)
There are two servers that are CRZ-free. Ravenholt and The Venture Co. Both are RP-PVP servers, both are the only RP-PVP ruleset servers in their respective time zones and datacenters.

The Venture Co. has a higher population, and a more balanced faction ratio. We're having CRZ refugees here in <Rising>, so come on over!

As to the PVP... As noted it's pretty faction balanced, and I think I've been ganked here... Once? Maybe twice in the few months since I moved here.

It's a pretty great server and I've never yet regretted re-rolling here, leaving many orphaned characters on other servers. I'll never go back.
So 3 confirmed realms without CRZ?
And all 3 PVP =/
Blizzard hates me.

Maiev is not CRZ-free. Unless it somehow managed to be the ONLY straight PvP realm on its cluster.

There is no ganking, no people nothing!!! on this realm I'm leveling this guy he is 41 and have not seen a soul out there. CRZ is completly broken on my realm in all the time that CRZ has been around it has not been affected by any of the things that people complain about. There is always planty of matts, no people around if you see some one you are lucky. I've spend countless hours leveling this guy a with my wife and a hunter.

It is CRZ-free or something is going on...like I said same reason. could be the combination of realms it's with with low pop and hour difference but I'm telling you CRZ has not improved the leveling experience on this realm at all. In fact since CRZ was made the decline of people on the zones has gotten worse, simply there are non out there. Or we are not taken to zones with people or the realms that share the zones are as so low that there are no people in the zones even with CRZ.

I would call that CRZ-free.
02/07/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Bobcat
I am seriously intrigued, especially since my pocket tank is quitting, but idk what side to join :(

Female Orcs.

Sir, you have my attention.
02/07/2013 05:33 PMPosted by Chegoatvera

Female Orcs.

Sir, you have my attention.

Female Orc...
02/07/2013 05:33 PMPosted by Chegoatvera

Female Orcs.

Sir, you have my attention.

Another Female Orc.

As you may have noticed...Made to look like Peg Bundy to pay homage to her greatness.
I'd go, but I'm too attached to Nesingwary

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