[H] Catalyst | Urgent Tank Need| Rec Dps/Heal

Catalyst is a casual to semi hardcore lvl 25 raiding guild currently running 10M Raid Group Tuesday/Wednesday 8PM-11:00PM Est(with an optional Friday if all can make it).

We current have an urgent need for a perm tank so we can continue our progression through HoF. Prefer Monk/Druid/Warrior. Prefer at least 475 6/6 experience, but we will work w/ you.

Progression: 6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF 1/4 ToES.

We are also looking for a few more Dps/Heal to provide stand-bys for our main progression group and to also form a second/alt group and gradually form a 25M group by 5.2.

We provide gems/chants/flasks/food for our raiders.

If you're looking for a raid group that is focused but not overly serious and that understands there is a world beyond the computer monitor contact us in game with a /who or my battletag Panz#1397.

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