Hello Garrosh, i wanna raid!

Hello Horde of Garrosh, as you can see my name is Gigawatz. Im new to this server. I joined this server from Ravenholdt, then to illidian now to here due to real life friends i work with!. This server is very different from what im used to. Hardly any pugs, a low starting raiding server, mostly every guild is just getting into heriocs. I like the idea. But, im looking to start raiding again. As you can see from clicking on my name im a 487 pve geared Frost dk. 17 ranked server, (not like that matters :P). Also have a full set of T2 for this season. I know that doesnt help with raiding but it give you an idea that im a dedicated player. I have no raid experience on this character, But i do on my Priest, which is currently on proud moore, and i tanked Herioc DS on my warrior throught Cata, on alleria, Ill post links at the end. But, i hope this is enough to get a wisper from someone, Looking forward to the experience ahead! Warrior- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Gigawatz/simple Priest- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Gigawatzqt/simple
Gigawtz, we are looking for a dps DK. Audacity is the only 25man raiding guild on Garrosh. If you are interested check us out.


Says i need a special request
Gigawatz Evil Dead is a 10 man raiding guild we need a melee DPS to fill our team and we would love to have you. Message anyone from the guild in game if you would like more information.
Gigawatz Nightbrood is a lvl 25 raiding guild. we have several raiding groups and a social community. We are looking for a ranged dps. We raid Fri-sun 920 -12+pm server.
dat necro
2400 feral last season, 2300 this season looking to raid! I know that doesn't mean anything but it shows I'm a decent player

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