No more wow and Warcraft 3!

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Today when I opened the public test realm I got a notification stating that I will have to upgrade my OS out of 10.6.8 because it won't support world of Warcraft anymore. The only problem is that I like playing Warcraft 3 games on my Mac too and 10.6.8 is the last operating system that supports power pc games. I have to upgrade my OS to keep playing WoW but I won't be able to play Warcraft 3 games when I do this! :((((. Whyyyy
As long as you've already installed Warcraft 3 and updated to the intel binary, it'll still run on 10.7 or later without using Rosetta, you just won't be able to "install" it from scratch because the installer itself is PPC.

So if you do a standard upgrade, or drag your existing Warcraft 3 application folder to an external drive while doing a fresh install of the latest OS X, it'll be fine.

What won't run however is Starcraft 1.

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