Only way I make gold...

As it stands now, the only way I am currently making any gold is through skinning. My method is going to tal barad and farm spiders which in turn I skin and farm savage leathers. Eventually once I have enough savage leathers I create Heavy Savage Leathers 20x stack which sell for 500 g - 800 g per 20x stack. This takes me roughly 40 minutes. I farm them as an ice mage so I can take out large groups fast. Is there any other methods out there that are any good? This method of mine is boring but it gets me by.

BTW: I also sometimes go into diremaul north and farm the dogs for rugged leather to sell 20x stacks for 50 gold +.
I'm doing one that is kind of easy lately:

I use auctionator, which remembers the stuff I am buying.

Then I buy stuff like the items which can be put in the grocery bundles, with that vendor at half hill.

IF that item in 20 is around 100 gold or less, while I'm able to sell Black pepper or soy sauce for usually around 170 gold, then I buy all of those items.

Sometimes they are not reasonably priced, but in searching last night I had 18 grocery bundles.
For skinning rough leather, try UBRS. It's good for 51-55 level disenchants, too. It's also a heck of a lot more fun than some of the other places to farm. The scorpions in Uldaman can net some heavy hide and heavy leather. The hide sells well as it's a stumbling block for LW.

Each profession has some "gems" you can farm for money. For example, you can farm Essence of Air in Silithus for 150-250 each. Takes a while to get sets of 4, but they're used in BoA enchants and do sell. Mining and alchemy have the arcanite bar transmute that is slow but steady.

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