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Updated: need 1 tank or healer atm.

I understand that this may not sound appealing to everyone, but I know a good amount of good players who just got tired of raiding. Luckily, Bliz gave us an opportunity to display the skill and awareness in PVE without much time devotion in end game content, gear grinding or gear drama. Challenge mode (gold) is the PVE place that you can feel pure coordination and enjoy the game world as a community rather than something sounds like you have to beat a dragon or you will be loser.

Ideal candidate should have an item level of at least 460, so I can see your performance in some trial heroic/LFR runs. As the challenge content indicates, I don't ask for top damage/healing output (though higher would be much better), but rather want you to have the awareness to deal with situational cases. Once you prove your skill, I will add you to the list and will start negotiating proper running schedule when I have a full setup.

Qualified candidate who elect to join my guild (a Lv.25 one), I will provide anything beside gear itself, including glyph/potion/flask/food/enchant/gem/etc. I do intend to grab the challenge set on all classes so this post would be effective throughout the expansion.

If interest, please drop me in-game mail to Victiny, or add Twoes#1521. Make sure to indicate Challenge mode in the message.

P.S. do Not mention about stuff such as openraid. I am a donor of openraid myself, and I know how things have changed there.
While I wish you the best of luck, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that there's a guild called <Tea Party> that isn't about the drama.
While I wish you the best of luck, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that there's a guild called <Tea Party> that isn't about the drama.

lol I do admit the fact that I am usually random at giving guild names. This one used to be a personal bank, but after I quited raiding I decided to put all my toons together and make a lv.25 by myself. It took roughly 5 months and with the help from 3 friends to make it happen. This guild has never involved in any form of raid or grouped pvp, as what I said there is no loot drama.

Well, I do have a deep interest in politics...
<Politics, Religion, and Patch Notes> would be a pretty cool guild name, actually.
bump and updated
If you need a ilvl 485 Elemental Shaman, let me know. I have been looking to do challenge modes for weeks. I need 9/9 dungeons. Add my battletag, Gundorix#1432 if you are interested in an Elemental Shaman DPS.
This is an old post I see, and politics aside, I would love to bang out some challenge modes with competent people. I know ilvl doesn't matter, but I'm a 513 prot pally, with a long history of tanking experience. If you find a solid group, in game mail me. My es are 136

I'd be interested in joining you.
- Competent Resto Sham
I would run with you on my warrior. Been wanting to do this for a while.
This is him ^
If you ever Need a dps. hit me up. been trying to do challenge mode for a while.
I can dps on my warrior this is my main Cheoskeeper#1369

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