<Skill Banner> 13/13 HM - Oceanic 2 - LFM 5.4

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Currently recruiting:

Healer classes.

All exceptional players please feel free to app.

Tier 15: 10man.

Throne of Thunder: 13/13 Heroic.

Tier 14: 10man.

Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 Heroic.

Heart of Fear: 6/6 Heroic. (Oceanic First Empress 10man).

Terrace of Endless Springs: 4/4 Heroic(Pre-5.2).

Who we are:
Skill Banner is a break away guild from Antiquus, who was formally known as Blizzard Mentor Horde on the oceanic server Saurfang. Through progression there were a few in guild troubles with the leadership, this created tension in raids. After accepting the guild cannot function the way it had been, 13 of the 16 skilled raiders left creating Skill Banner. We had a taste of Oceanic 1st 10man and nevertheless are hungrier then ever for the coming tier.

What we want from you:
Being 10man we require 90% attendance. The understanding that a better class will be brought in for a fight on progression, meaning you are comfortable with sitting. The ability to play your class to the highest of standards as possible, we can only promise you likewise. You should be intuitively researching all current and coming content and making yourself familiar with the mechanics of fights with any of the resources available to you.

What you can expect from Skill Banner:
Like minded skilled players, who share the same passion for progression as one another. We all have the same mindset which is to not only finish as high as we can on the OC ladder but the World ladder. There is a fun and level headed environment awaiting!

Raid Times

Wednesday: 7:30pm till 11:30pm st.

Thursday: 7:30pm till 11:30pm st.

Sunday: 7:30pm till 11:30pm st.

Monday: 7:30pm till 11:30pm st.

Please note: Raids form at 7:15pm giving us 15 minutes to clear trash etc.

How to apply
Apply through our guild website at http://www.skillbanner.com/

For any questions, feel free to contact me on Ezee#1283

Thank you & Hope to hear from you soon.
Cute as !@#$. ILY guys.
01/31/2013 10:03 PMPosted by Dark
Cute as !@#$. ILY guys.

Please cease and desist all nonsense within this thread. It is entirely related to business and the recruitment of the aforementioned classes and specs specificed within the OP.

Good day sir.

PS: Ily 5eva

PPS: Dat meen mor dan 4eva.
01/31/2013 10:03 PMPosted by Dark
Cute as !@#$. ILY guys.

I reciprocate your expression of feeling for one another.
Hi, I have a 494 Warrior Fury/Arms.

Raid Experience:

BC : Kara | SSC | BT | MH | Gruul's | The Eye (TK) | ML
WoTLK : ICC | TotC | Naxx | OS | EoE | Onyxia | Ulduar | VoA
Cata : BD | BH | BoT | TotFW
MoP : 5/6H MSV | 2/6H HOF | 4/4N TOES + Elite Protectors

Am currently seeking a new guild to call home.

Wondering what is the requirements to join?
Hi Lappe,

We're currently working on an application process. As you can imagine we're keen to begin raiding again under our new name but we weren't expecting things to happen overnight. As such, some of the infrastructure for a website/application process isn't in place so your best bet for now is to converse with Ez via his battletag, mentioned in the OP.
Where Ma discs and tanks at?

Also Bonus points if you don't use the metric system will added to your application process.
02/01/2013 03:26 AMPosted by Rhadamir
Also Bonus points if you don't use the metric system will added to your application process.

Bonus points by Rhad, negative points by everyone else*.

Also just to clarify we are looking for players who have similar progression to us and are reasonably geared. We are not looking to gear someone(unless you can prove you have been an incredibly awesome player)/coach someone on how to play.
From what I know there's a bunch of awesome lads in this guild - apply now for the rarest opportunity available ;)

GL guys <3
..is it me your looking for? cause...
..I can see it in your eyes. I...
Bump for Ezeekiel
bump for filthy combo break
These guys are serious qt's, 8/10 would bang.

(lost two points cause ezeekiel)
You've changed Fenryz, used to be cool.
02/01/2013 11:00 PMPosted by Ezeekiel
You've changed Fenryz, used to be cool.


I'm kidding, you're actually all eight of those points, but I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. :x
02/01/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Fenryz
hurt anybody's feelings.

Too late!!
Bump for name change!
Where those amazing players at!

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