First pet ever.

What was your first pet ever in WoW? Mine was on a dwarf hunter, and it was the snow leopard from the start zone back in TBC. I miss Fluffy.
Sarkoth (renamed him Pinchy). I still have him too.
Moonstalker (by Darnassus).
On my first night elf hunter.
My first pet was my ravager from the Draenei starting area. I had him with me for very long time. Then I tamed Old Cliff Hunter when I was questing in Hinterlands. Since then I deleted them to make room for new pets. But those were good times.
Mine was a Moonstalker too, who ran away because I didn't have food to feed him during those stupid Barrow Den quests xD grabbed another soon after lol...
Nightsaber from Teldrassil - Maximus, and he is still in my stable.
Shy-Rotam the snow tiger from Winter Spring. I still have her to this day its my only WoW Classic pet still on my stables.
A bear, cause well, bears.
Tiger from the Echo Isles when I was Horde.
Mine was a lynx from blood elf starter zones. Not much choice because back then some dragonhawks were considered "caster pets" stat wise (had lower damage then most).
Nightsaber, the only thing tamable in either Teldresil or Darkshore.
My first pet (or atleast from memory), was my crocolisk[the ones you get from Durotar River], Crusher. He helped me level all the way to 60, and then some. Still use him, infact.
An owl caught near Darnassus. I ran with her till I was able to tame spirit beast.
My wolf Louie.
One of the wolves in the Dwarf starting zone, I actually still have him from... about 7 years ago. His name is Wolfy... I was young then.
Bjorn was the first pet I tamed after doing the "learning to tame Quests" and I still have him in use today.

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