First pet ever.

Stock pet - raptor
1st tamed - a cat from Northern Barrens, named Velo after my ex (..yeah..)
i used king bang for the longest time
Nightsaber from Teldrassil. Kitty is still my main pet for me after 6 and a half years.
I don't remember my first pet to be honest, all I remember is drooling over king Bangalash until I was finally a high enough level to get him. Also, a note to anyone who killed him for the exp and/or quest reward; I hate you and there is a spot in hell reserved for your kind.
If i remember right, my first pet (that i actually tamed that wasn't a temporary one from the tame pet quests we used to have to do), was timber, the rare spawn wolf from dun morogh, a friend hand noticed him (we were both low lv, he was playing a dwarf) and i made the really long run there to tame it, after having completed the tame pet quests. I only lost timber during wrath when i was trying out beast spec while lving and got overzealous on taming exotics.

I joined at the tail end of BC, got my druid around the lv min to make a dk around the time wrath came out (was my highest lv toon), was still fairly new to the game back then.
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first pet ever in WoW?

Mine was my night saber stalker "Maul;" which I still have and always will so long as this toon exists god help me!!!
My trusty pig Spike (named for his mohawk) from Loch Modan was the first pet I tamed after the starting quest. I still have him to this day, although he hasn't gotten to raid much since early BC.
-Stock pet-

First tamed was Echeyakee (now named WhiteMamba). GM has a son who is horde and let me tame him at lvl 15. Flew me there and everything. I will NEVER get rid of WhiteMamba!
are we talking first ever pet or first cool pet? my first pet ever was a stupid bird from the cow starting area.... but my first cool tame would have to be when i tame the rare white tiger inSTV back when rare pets had better stats.. i miss those glory days.
The black lion from barrens.
Well the first was the vulture I had to tame for the quest as a Tauren hunter, then it was quickly abandoned in favor of a wolf. That wolf (Ubbo) leveled with me all the way to 60, and raided ZG, Ony, MC, BWL, and a little bit of AQ20. I'm sure that if I remembered the log in credentials and found the authenticator to that account, that wolf would still be by my old hunters side.

It kind of makes me want to reactivate that account and account transfer my old hunter, mainly cause he had an old pvp title.. First Sergeant I think, nothing special, but still cool.

EDIT: And hah reading these other posts I do remember taming the special pets for PVP. King B ran faster than mount speed, and there was a wolf that dealt shadow damage instead of physical damage; can't remember who he was. Ahh the good old days.
First was a default Moonrake in the NE starter area. I camped Humar forever in vanilla and was stoked the day I got him. Then replaced him with Broken Tooth when BT used to be one of the speediest cats (before all the normalization).
A Prowler from Elwynn Forest named Dumbleydore. I wont ever forget THAT run from Teldrassil. He has changed colors over time but I still have him :)
used the stock pet up until I could get i managed to get to darkshore where i started my hunt for the ghost saber
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Shy-Rotam the snow tiger from Winter Spring. I still have her to this day its my only WoW Classic pet still on my stables.

You didn't tame a pet till 50 something? D:

Oh, and my memory is awful, but I think it was a raptor of some sort, named Gojira.

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