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I made a second mini map on accident and now Idk how to delete it because it won't give me a delete option.
Ok first, what did you download?
Sorry, I went to go eat, I hope you didn't leave, I downloaded the following, but I got rid of the map, I could use your help on making my own panels with a unique look and adding pretty anime pictures.

and I also downloaded


I use the Totorax Dead theme
Also, I'd like to put a live icon of me and my pet next to the health bars and such, I looked if I could find it, but nothing came up and I didn't want to mess anything else up. Also, how could I make my chat box or just chat larger than it's current form is without making the action bars and map bigger, but having those bigger wouldn't hurt either. Please and thank you. :)
Hmm. Problem is RDX is a separate system and I haven't used it ever.
You're gonna have to follow the guides:
and so on, and ask any questions you have here:
Ok, ty and I can't use my bottom row of action bars :(
With my current UI, if I use the program you mentioned earlier, would I be able to create the unique panels and some custom anime pictures and such myself?
Yes, technically you should be able to import anime pictures and make panels, just like you would with kgpanels normally. I don't know how though. If you posted on the forum I linked, just wait for a reply from the author. May take a bit of time.
I think I can make a UI close to the one I want in the original picture, but I can't find the action bar's that the original person used on wowinterface, do you know somewhere that has a Action bar UI like that?
Nvm, I found that you said Bartender and something else earlier, I'm going to check if they match the picture.
Dear god, my eyes. kgPanels to get the custom images on there but the images you have to get yourself. kgPanels only lets you display them in your UI.
Bartender or Dominos for actionbars plus Masque to get the funky looking buttons. You need to find which Masque skin that is yourself, I have no idea. Search curse for it.

What does Masque do exactly and what are the funky looking buttons? Also, why do I need to find a specific type of Masque?
Masque is like a skinning addon for buttons on the actionbar. So they can have all kinds of cool looking borders. Masque has different skins so you have to load up Masque and the skin of choice. If you search for masque on curse, the original addon and all the different skins should come up. Look at different skins and decide which one you like.
I got the addons called, Sexymap, masque and specific masque I want and Bartender, and I don't really want the info text and the unit frames because I have a specific one I already use, I think it's called, Quartz or xperl, I think it's xperl. However, I'm really struggling to find any pictures I want for the panels such as the skills, talents and such. Also, on the top right part of the picture, there's a PvP and Score panel, is that the same as making the other panels, then that leads to my next question, when I find the pictures I want, do I just load them onto my screenshot in GIMP and the tutorial only shows how to put some into the game, but how do I make the pictures that I want to use as my panels actually work or do the addons make them work themselves?
For example, google has terrible pictures come up when I look for pictures for the panels, do you kn ow any place that has pictures that I could use like the original that fit into the WoW universe and look pretty too?
Also, I'm currently setting up my action bars, but how did the person make the bottom row longer then the others and how did they make another square of action bars for food, potions, bandages and such?
kgPanels just lets you put up static pictures or textures etc. To actually make it do something you either need kgPanel scripting (beyond me but here's an example: http://www.wowace.com/addons/kg-panels/pages/sample-scripts/) or you need an actual addon that you then use your little button pics in to substitute whatever original image the addon was using.
Sorry, I found it, I'm bad at stuff like this :(
I actually feel like I'm getting there :), my Shift-M map seems smaller then the picture, but I can live with it, how do I use Masque to customize the outlines of my bartender action bars?

Also, do you know what addon they used to put there addons above there action bars? And is the micromenu the bar with character, skills, mounts and main menu and such?

Nvm, I got it, hardest part now is to try and find pictures and make them work and put them into the game, but is putting anime pictures into the sides harder then making the panels or can i just drag and drop?
How do I move the name bar of a thing I click on, not the actual player bar, but the little info thing that comes up when you move your mouse over an npc or a player? It's a blizzard thing, I'm pretty sure.

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