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The outline of your actionbar, like the whole bar, is done with kgPanels. It can put outlines around your elements. One of the tutorials I linked, shows in detail how to do that with kgPanels. Masque only outlines the buttons on the actionbar, not the bar itself.

Not sure what you mean addons to put above actionbars. Where above action bars?


For pictures, there are requirements regarding size and formatting and so on. One of the guides linked describes how to make photos into usable textures in wow using photoshop (or in your case, Gimp, which is the same thing for what you need here).

The bar thing is called a tooltip and you need an addon to move it or change it. Here are some tooltip addons you can choose from:
Ty, the addon that puts your addons above your action bar is in the original picture, in the pictures above the action bars, there's a lot of things that are different addons and they each have there own little tab.

Also, I don't think the original picture player used KgPanels on the action bar, because there's look like mine and they have space in between them.
The stuff that have each their own little tab is the info display. In his case it's FuBar with many plugins, for latency, clock, professions and so on. Fubar is out of date however so I suggested an LDB display like StatBlockCore or ChocolateBar or Bazooka. Then into those, you choose which plugins to show. Plugins listed here:
So you get a bunch of little info tabs, or one big line with lots of displays on it, or however you want to do this.
Ok, ty. Some pictures I'd like to use are



Also, I like the screenshot that Statblock core shows on curse.com, do I just need that to get all the things it shows in the picture or do I need to download the plugins for haste and such? Also, does Statblock core display the little bars above my action bars that I can put my addons into?
StatBlockCore is just a display addon. What you choose to display like haste and other stats is up to you. You pick and choose plugins you want to show. Then, once you install plugins you want, in game, in Interface-Addon-StatBlockCore options, you'll see all the plugins you loaded, listed. There you can configure them, the order you want them to show in, the appearance and so on. Like do you want to show them as a bar on top or bottom. Or do you want them in some sort of configuration individually. What color, font, size and so on.
For a picture like this:
I'd import into gimp, and then cut out so that background (white) is gone and you outline the figure. Cut it out, smooth the edges, save as an image according to the tutorial I've posted for you, with right size, formatting, layers and so on. Once you're done, you import the image into kgPanels. The video tutorial should explain pretty well how to do that with kgPanels.
I never understood layers, I'm going to try and fix the picture and see what I can do for now
So I put my picture into GIMP, but idk if it's big enough or what, and when I put it in, all the white was already gone

You need to outline the image of the person, expand the border by a pixel, then invert selection and get rid of the background (make it transparent). Also gotta make sure your alpha channel is set to show the whole image. You can fuzz it at the edges a bit to smooth out the cut out.

This tutorial shows it pretty well.
Ok and I have a little problem, I set up bartender and sexymaps and masque and everything up on my alt, but now I went on my main, and it's not the same, how do I save my alts UI to make it come up on my mains?
Generally, addons will have profiles built in, and will allow you to load up those profiles on another toon, from the addon config window.
But if the addon doesn't have the profiling built in, you can try Reflux:
I'm still so confused on how to get the picture into wow, I put my screenshot into Gimp and now I don't even now how to add the anime picture I want or what to do from there. and the link you gave me is pretty confusing :(.

I put my picture in the right place, but do I have to put in the white shadows and stuff that you said or can I just leave it as is, because that seems pretty hard.
Also, every time I log in and out, my Masque outlines disappear and I have to redo them, why?
I got stuck on this part with adding a picture, in the guide, I'm at the end where you push 'add' and are about set up the picture, but my picture display shows it as a neon green screen and I think I messed up somewhere, is that because I didn't change the size of it to a factor of 2 like it said in the guide?
I'm just going to wait for you to come back and help because I tried to so many times and I keep getting a neon green image when it's supposed to show me my picture. :(
Also, is there an addon with just everything already built in, I just want a clock, and the haste bar, spell/attack power crit and such stuff on the top that Statblocker showed in the screenshot, but I can't find anything like that.

my stat blocker has no line that I can put plugins in even though I already have some, and they haste and then the percent above and under each other, I want them to be next to each other, but the options won't let me.
You do not need to cut out the white out of the picture. If you want to plop it down as is, that's your choice. It was just a suggestion, based on the original UI screenshot you posted.

It appears neon green most likely cause you didn't follow instructions regarding the alpha channel and transparency. Improper sizing could be a factor as well, yes.

Here's a few alternate guides if you find that one confusing:

Yes there are alternatives with everything built in already but you can't pick and choose what you want to show nor can you change the appearance much. Pros and cons to both.
Here's a link:
I'd try SLDataText first.

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