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I have been away from the game for about 2 years. Are there any 25m guilds left on Baelgun (alliance)? There used to be a really handy sticky at the top of the forums with a list of guilds - it is long gone now.
Here is a list of all current 25 man guilds.

1 Crisp 6/6 (H) 6/6 (H) 3/4 (H) Monday - Thursday, 5:30 - 9 PM
2 Nemesis 4/6 (H) 1/6 (H) 4/4 Tuesday-Thursday, 7-10 PM
3 SACRED 3/6 (H) 6/6 4/4 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, 6:30 - 9 PM
4 Integrity 6/6 4/6 4/4 Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, 4:30-6:30 PM
5 Freaks off the Leash 4/6 Tuesday-Thursday, 7-9:30PM

1 Bless the Martyr 5/6 (H) 3/6 (H) 1/4 (H) Sunday-Thursday, 5:30 - 9 PM
2 The Hellfire Club 6/6 2/6 Couldn't find raid times. Reply and I'll edit.
3 Hordeland Security 5/6 2/6 Sunday, Thursday 8:00pm-10:15pm

All raid times are server time (PST).
*Source is*
Thank you!
Actually, our times are EST.
Adjusted it to show the time difference. Thanks for letting me know.
Thanks for bothering to post the info at all!
Not a problem. I like to see that baelgun is actually still a pretty good server for 25 man raiding. I just checked for 25 man raiding, Baelgun is 44th for all US realms.
I remember Setah!! Good ol Cathexis times. The only reason I liked her though was because she has a sweet Aussie accent!! I could hear her yell at me for hours and hours. /wave

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