Looking for RBGS or Decent 3's Team

Bleeding Hollow
Well, I made my move over to BH and I have had fun helping friends gear and do this and that BUT, I think it is time to try and find a decent Rated battle Ground group or serious 3's team who is willing to go threw thick and thin to learn our team and provale. My ideal 3's would have to consist of a feral/ret for starters and Work in a Hpal or R shamm or druid. As for RBGS I and very new to the seen but I know my class and is a team player. Currently only 1311 cr in rbgs and Higher ive been just goofing in Arena's was 1700 (that was when I did more raiding). I have learn'ed alot about my class since then and looking to try and put my foot in the door of somthing bigger So I can conintue to learn and strive.

Well thats All I have to say. If you have any questions please feel free to msg in game.

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