[A-RP] Ravenguard Seeks New Hires

Wyrmrest Accord
Ravenguard is a new medium to heavy RP guild. Our guild theme is that of a "Mercenary Band" of the problem-solving type. While our initial and main focus will be RP we are also looking as we expand to participate in running heroics, PvP, "for fun" runs of older content, etc.

The highlights:

  • Guild chat is IC.
  • Officer chat is currently used for OOC. We will probably implement an OOC channel as we grow.
  • There is an IC interview process to ensure we're not "hiring" bots or abusers.
  • Currently, there are no level restrictions.
  • We accept alts.
  • There are no age restrictions, but mature and responsible behavior is expected.
  • We are neutral alignment, but generally "good folks". Dark characters are encouraged as well as Light characters, however if you want to play a very evil character we may not be the perfect environment. Talk to us about it!
  • No OOC drama will be tolerated.
  • Under no circumstances is griefing of other players permitted. No RP griefing, no PvP griefing, no bad behavior in pugs. Skill won't get you a pass on jerkitude no matter how bad we want to down that boss. Fair or not, when you wear a guild tag you are seen as representative of that guild. We want to be known as honest, considerate, helpful players. Treat people with respect and be above reproach.
  • The other side of that coin is: You can log on each day knowing you have a decent, fun bunch of guildmates to hang with.

We're just getting started and our guild level is low, but we plan to grow. We want the game to be about fun and friendship for all members of Ravenguard and we're committed to that. You can see Siveni or Khazyd in-game, or stop by our ridiculously new and barely furnished website: http://ravenguardwra.enjin.com/home

Come play with us!
Good luck with recruitment, Siveni :).

~ Bump! ~
Thank you thank you! We've got some ideas brewing!
Mmmm- guilds that end with 'guard'. :)
*fistbump for guilds that end with 'guard'*

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