Hpally ilvl 489/Spriest ilvl 480 16/16 LFG

im looking for a guild raid progression group,last group i was in fell apart due to ppl not showing up. Im 489 Holly pally and i have a Shadow priest ilvl 480. i have 16/16 exp
i can raid tues/friday/sat/sun.
Bluntadin, my guild is currently rec a healer for our 10m grp. I just made a post, if you are interested please refer to it. We are 14/16 normal clear.
Bluntadin, we are newer guild but have very skilled raiders. We are looking to finish our raid team before Sunday's raid. Please get with me in game on Tehruffmuff or Tehpriam. We raid Sunday and Tuesday 9-12:30 ST. We plan on progressing very quickly. Hopefully we talk soon.
We are looking for a heal priest, group is playing Fri / Sat afternoon, guild team with Vent, fun team, not as advanced as you are, but working on MV (6) and HoF. Tanir for details, or post here.

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