good group of ppl looking for a home!

We been having issues with people not putting in enough effort or attendance in raids on our server, Elune. So as we are looking to transfer to another server but still most of us are looking to raid on sundays, mondays, or tuesdays. couple of ppl are available on saturday and sunday but we all want to stick together because after all we are good friends. So if any guilds looking for some good and reliable players that don't cause drama then message us please!
Stormrage is a good choice. You shouldn't have a problem finding a guild here.

I am the GM for Monolithic we are a end game progression raiding guild. I would like to extend and offer to your group. What we offer is allowing you to set up a 2nd raid team within our guild. Your group would be encharge of setting up schedule and requirements. What we offer is our website mumble server and any help recruiting what you need to fill this team out. if your interested message me here or visit our site Thanks :)
thank you guys
Please feel free to contact me at any time
We had a second 10 man raid group that lost a few players recently, in guild from group we still have 2 heals, 1 healer also has a rogue, a mage and a hunter. they have been raiding 9-12 sunday, monday. I can put you in touch with one of them and see if you can find a time that works for your group and them.
Ungodly Wrath would gladly welcome you. We raid Tues, Thurs and Sun starting at 10:30 server time. We have an open core that allows our raiders to compete for a spot on the team. PST to me in game or msg Zakaveli, Viks or Ironyman if you have any questions. You can also check us out at I think you guys would be a great match for us

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