[A-25] <Beaver Dam> 1/13H is recruiting

Website: www.beaverdamguild.com

<Beaver Dam> is a 25-man guild that's 1/13H in ToT.

About us: Most of our players are from an old guild on Spinebreaker called Benevolence. Many of us did not play in Cataclysm and we just started raiding in December. Benevolence was the top Alliance guild on Spinebreaker in the latter part of BC and in WotLK.

What we're looking for: Dedicated and geared players that have significant raiding experience.

Recruitment Needs:
Tank (all)
Melee DPS

As always, if you are an exceptional player of any role you should still apply.

Raid times:
Tues / Thurs / Sun: 6-9 PST

You should be able to make all raids most of the time. Do not apply if you can never make a certain day.

Apply here: http://www.beaverdamguild.com/recruiting/create_apply.php?gid=289177

Questions? Feel free to whisper me or Jimboski in-game.
Still looking for 4 more DPS and 3 more heals. Experience and effort are much more important than current gear lvl.
Still have a few spots open, potential recruits may also contact me in game. My battle tag is: Mik#1473
Edited original post. We're raiding 25-mans now! Recruitment is still open but not as open as before. As always, feel free to apply anyway if you are an exceptional player.
cool guild name town around me call beaver dam.
We're still recruiting for 5.2

Could use another tank, as well as some strong DPS.
Im a 489 Holy/478 Ret Pally, looking for a new raiding guild. I have heroic raiding experience in Cata, can raid in either spec, just need to gear up my ret spec a bit before hitting raids. Any spots open for me?
Still accepting application from all specs, if you can make raids consistently you will likely get a spot! Contact one of the above listed officers in game for more info!
bumping for big black d1ld0s
Updating current needs, currently 3/12 (25m) in new tier.

Resto Druid - High
MW Monk - High
Warlock - Medium
Shadow Priest - Medium
Balance Druid - Medium
Healing Priest - Low
Resto Shaman - Low
Enhancement Shaman - Low
DPS Warrior - Low
Bump since I guess I updated it.
Is the Dam made of beavers?
Is the Dam made of beavers?

just with their bones

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