Is it good enough?

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im trying to buy a computer and i found a really nice looking one for a decent price

is this computer going to be good enough to run wow at max detail?

if not, what part(s) need to be upgraded?
my budget is 900 not a penny more im not even kidding thats all i have and no money coming in until next term (college)

prebuilt for sure, i dont want any risk of screwing up trying to build and program it by myself

i'd like for it to be an all in one for the camera, mic, and built in wireless

windows 8 because i despise windows 7 & vista, and xp is no longer selling for new's
All in ones won't have enough power to run WoW at max.
:O darn i really wanted one

would yall be able to hook me up with something good i could afford? you guys would know what to look for
For what it's worth, building your own would save you $$$ in the end.

Here's a nice guide for you to do a little research. Kalganized guide to be exact.
are either of these good enough to play in max settings with no problems?

2GB Nvidia GeForce GT630 [DVI, HDMI and VGA via adapter

2GB AMD Radeon HD 7570 [ DVI, HDMI, DP & VGA adapter
nevermind the above post.

i think i found one that will work for me that i can afford.

that would do the job?
what settings do you want to run at? are you ok running med, high, or will nothing less than ultra satisfy?

as listed it has some issues. i would get the amd phenom iix4 965, that processor is still a monster and being the black edition you can oc the processor; however you will need to get a better heat sink/fan.

if this is just for wow, i would just get 8 gigs ram with win 7 64 bit. wow will never need 16gigs.

the basic nvidi 640 will not run wow on high setting well if at all and ultra settings will be completely out of the question. upgrade to at least the 1gb nvidi gtx 650; however, seriously think about getting the nvidia 660ti if at all possible. the 660ti is a lot more expensive though.

i would also upgrade the power supply to the thermal take v3 550watt.

and if you get win 7/8 32 big just get 4 gigs of ram (32 bit won't see more than 4 gig) and if you get win 7/8 64 get 8 gigs of ram (you shouldn't need more than 8 gig).

do you already have a monitor? if not, i have been ok happy with hp monitors although i like samsung monitors the most.
i am planning on running at highest settings + recording videos, being able to run skype and music, all that fun stuff. besides for that, yea pretty much just for wow, any computer will be able to do the minor other stuff such a forums and facebook lol.

now i dont know if the graphics card will be good enough, i called and asked them if it could play wow in highest setting + record videos with no problems and they said it would. the 1gb nvidi gtx 650 is only $10 more so it would not go out of my affordable range, but if i dont need to upgrade it i'd prefer not to.

yeah i just ordered this monitor, hp all the way i have one with my old computer and it never let me down.

looks nice, has great reviews on multiple sites, and for the price i could not find a better one that size or bigger, with good reviews.

it all looks like the cooling has good circulation, and my CPU setup is right under my AC vent and my house stays 68 degrees 24/7 so i don't think overheating should be a problem, specially since the comp i have not has never overheated and i run this thing like crazy, and its not at all made for gaming. ($30 off w/ promo code)
Have you actually read my guide? :(

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