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Are your character's parents alive or dead? If they're alive how well does he/she get along with their parents?
Kalipsia's parents, as well as all of her other kin, were in Stratholme during the purge.
Vol'kuza is the son of Vol'kuzir and some unnamed Darkspear woman. Vol'kuzir was an agent of Hakkar, embedding himself into Darkspear society so he could provide the Blood God with sacrifices. He posed as a witch doctor and claimed a great plague would sweep over the Darkspear tribe as a punishment for not being faithful to the Loa.

In order to protect the villagers, he requested that the young females be brought to him so that he may cleanse and protect them from the plague, which would target them first. Turns out there was little cleansing and no protecting with Vol'kuzir, and the females, after their relations with him, would end up dying several days latter as a result of "the plague".

Vol'kuzir would then retrieve the corpses of the young females and offer their blood to Hakkar. Vol'kuza was the result of one female not dying. When he was a child, he helped his father prepare potions that would make Vol'kuzir "potent".

Vol'kuza eventually turned on his father by botching a potion on purpose, choosing to surrender himself to Hir'eek the Bat instead of serve Hakkar any longer. This was on the eve of the meeting of the Orcs.
Maj and her older sister Zpan (my main) have no idea who their parents were. They were found near the burned out remains of a cabin up in the Thunder Falls area by a kind old priest named Tomas and taken to be raised in the Orphanage in Stormwind. Given how young they were they had no knowledge of what their parents names were and with what Tomas believed to be their home destroyed by fire, there are no real records of them. As such, Zpan is on a continuing self-imposed quest to find out, becoming a mercenary while she has her baby sister tucked away into the safety of the Cathedral.

I'm working on their story though; I'm leaning towards their parents having been involved in the Stonemasons Guild or sympathetic to them, but left them when the Queen was accidentally killed. If I go that route, then I'll probably have the Defias having killed them for their 'betrayal'.

My Warlock and Paladin are brothers - their parents are both still alive and well smiting evil on behalf of the light.

My dwarf shamaness has her father and grandfather; her mother I haven't decided. If she's dead its probably due to the Dark Irons XD

My Worgen's mother died in childbirth and her father is presumed dead after the Worgen's attack (he was a member of the Guard and was giving a group of civilians enough time to escape) though Marguax holds hope that he was merely cursed and saved like she was.

My rogue....I haven't really decided XD I'm leaning towards her being a kid that grew up in the Orphanage with Maj and Zpan, her father either dead or in the Stockades.
This one's father was once a Paladin before turning into a Worgen at the hands of Arugal, having failed to stop him in Shadowfang Keep. Her mother was killed by her father. Her sister served with the Scarlet Crusade, and is now a walking corpse of the Forsaken. As an aside, my Worgen, the father, has no living parents. He's getting old himself.

My Nelf has a living mother, though they don't get along at all. Father's where-a-bouts are unknown.

My Dwarves have living parents.

My Orc's mother lives, if as a hermit sage in Nagrand. His father actually died the way he wanted to: on the battlefield.

Pandaren, both parents are alive.

My Trolls don't really care either way.

I try not to make the whole "my parents are dead" theme make my character's story, just shape their personalities a little. It's over used, and for the most part, living parents don't need to play a major role in a character's story to begin with, so it's often pleasing for someone to find that my character's aren't orphans, like 97% of the RP populace.
My Night Elf: Parents are dead (though they died once she was an adult, so she's not an orphan kid). They lived in Auberdine and we all know what happened to that when Deathwing stopped by and said hi.

My Worgen: Not sure. She lost track of them when everything in Gilneas was going down. She assumes they're dead.

My Human warrior: Parents both alive and well, farming pumpkins in Elwynn.
Kaety's father was a polygamist.. and he had five wives. Four of which Kaety knows about.. -Her- mother and father are dead, and she has lost contact with his other wives.. She just doesn't care enough about them, and could care less if they're alive or dead.

omansi never knew his parents

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My Trolls don't really care either way.
Alive. They are distressed that Stonesmiter's helmet took one deep dent too many in Northrend, and that Sonesmiter is now convinced he is a Vyrkul. They are hoping his convalescence and recovery of strength and abilities may see him lose this delusion.
Cyaer is the bastard son of a noble named Velin Sunblaze of House Sunblaze, and a dancer that caught Velin's eye. Though he didn't know it, he was just another orphan at the Silvermoon City Orphanage.

Through a series of events, he discovered who his father was, and that his father had his mother murdered. Velin, his father, kidnapped the love of his life, Karamia, as well as his cousin, his dearest best friend and guildmistress, Kel'tira.

Cyaer, as well as much of the guild found where Velin was holding them hostage, and Cyaer, with the help of the guild, snuck in to the lair, and fought and killed his father.

Thus, both of my parents are now deceased.
One's passed from old age, one's alive.
Meilong got into a fight with her father over her joining the Horde. She accidentally killed him.

Her mother lives in Ironforge with the rest of her immediate family.
Erani's, and her brother, Ascul's father was killed in the orcish massacre. Their mother didn't survive the Exodar crash.

My Draenei Death Knight, Rysill's, parents are still alive though they disowned her once they found out she had become undead and refused to be put to rest. She hasn't seen or spoken to them since.

My Worgen Hunter, Helga (I love ugly germanic names), was raised in a single parent household by her father, her mother died from illness when she was very young. Her father was killed the night the worgen attacked Gilneas.

Edit: OH! And My nelf druid, Levinnas', parents are alive and well and love her very much.
Val's parents here are alive and well, just in their retirement/relaxation stage of life. Her mother, Aislinna, tolerates Val's life choices (backtracking her original training as a priest -or mage, have yet to fully decide- and becoming a warlock, the teenage phase, etc.), but let's Val always knows that she doesn't/didn't appreciate it.

Her father, Kilathian, spoils his first born daughter as much as he can, though she doesn't allow him to, too often. He's the more loving parent, and that goes towards anyone. Val loves him dearly, along with her mother, but Aislinna and Valamunre just have differing views constantly, so her visits to her parents are cut short when an argument is about to happen.

With Valamunre's adopted sister, Tindia, it's different. Kilathian, the father (who was/is her uncle. She was adopted when her parents died), trained Tindia as much as he could, creating a certain bond that Val and her father don't have. The two were always out in the woods or at a shooting field. He spoils her when he can as well, but he doesn't as often since Tindia has set the boundaries of when to stop.

Aislinna, towards Tindia, is loving. She talks with her about the girly gossip, and whatever else she won't do with Valamunre. Tindia pretends to be interested, a majority of the time, except she stays neutral and shuts her mouth when Aislinna and Val are arguing.

My other elves, parents are dead, don't know how they died.

My orcess, Nek'mashra, only her father's alive. Her mother died while giving birth to her.

My human, Grace, has her parents alive, though her father's getting old and it's gonna' catch up to him soon.
Satchels' father, ever the cook, blew himself to smithereens after adding gunpowder to the frying pan to spice up a meal.

His mother, the engineer of the family (and, worryingly, who taught Satchels most of what he knows), was lost in a teleportation accident. It is unknown where she ended up, possibly in the twisting nether or embedded into a mountain.
Both parents were Stormreaver warlocks who accompanied the expedition to the Broken Isles near the close of the Second War. That is the last that is known about them. Their fates and whereabouts are unknown and unlikely to be sought out, nor discussed in polite company.
Lineron: "Mother was a kind and loving women who took care of me and my sister, Daenith basically on her own. Where as our father was a abusive and alcoholic disgrace of a man. Mother unfortunetly died due to disease, and unfortunet for our father he had to go and make a insult towards her immediately after she died on her death bed. My sister proceeded to throw a fire ball into his chest and with him gasping for breath on the floor I smiled down at him and slit his throat." Lineron raises his martini glass. "To you mother!"

Daenith: She raises her wine glass to tap his martini glass. "And may father be forever tormented in the Twisting Nether!" They both sip there respective drinks.

Father when the World Tree was nommed.

Mother when Silverwind Refuge was nommed by Horde.
I 'borrowed' an NPC there to use as her mommy. Don't worry, I triple-checked to make sure she wasn't anyone important or anything. She was just an alchemist. Thank you Cata for helping me with character development!

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