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Nynia's parents were killed during Arthas's attack on Quel'thalas, and her grandparents and great-grandparents were killed during the second war.

*Edited because the story I kinda wanted to put was kind of long, lol
Caelia's mother is alive. Her father is dead.
Mother was unnamed Darkspear women.

Father was the closest thing to a blacksmith that the small village had at the time. He made weapons and armor and the like out of stone and bone. Unfortunately he didn't know how to use them, and lost his head in a naga raid. This actually spurred Jozzok on to learn to fight AND to craft.
My father's father is Karadok Reddog, and my father's mother is Mokari. Grandfather is a Thunderlord orc, but married into the Frostwolf Clan when he took my grandmother as his mate. Both my grandparents come from long lines of wolfmasters for their respective clans, and to this day they breed some of the finest mounts and companions in the Frostwolf pack. Garm'rok, the great red wolf, has been my grandfather's loyal partner since his days as a raider in the Second War. I am blessed to have them all, and to carry on their legacy.

My father, Dradok, was a grunt. He died in the battle of Mount Hyjal, fending off a group of Scourge to cover a retreating Alliance party's escape from their sacked base. It was a good death, won with our names on his lips and his enemies' blood staining the earth for yards around the spot where he fell. I was too young for the battlefield then, ingloriously shuffled off with the other grunts in training to defend our rear camps where the injured and infirm were carried away from the fighting. Would that I could have seen it for myself!

My mother, Korra, disappeared shortly before Thrall led our people across the great sea to Kalimdor. She went off into the snows of Alterac Valley one night and never came back. The sentry that saw her go from the camp said that he thought he saw her chasing a distant figure into the darkness. Her disappearance plagued me for years, but one thing or another always kept me from returning to Alterac to search for clues to her fate. That is, until Deathwing fell...
Dead or unknown. Vyn's parents were killed by the Scourge in front of him and then raised as undead. Now Vyn was able to break free from the Scourge's control and it's possible that his parents did as well, but even if they did, they wouldn't care to reveal themselves to Vynathlon even if they knew he was alive, and even if Vyn knew his parents were with him he wouldn't care unless it directly affected him or his mission.
My father was still alive when i left our home for my first adventure, but soon slipped into the Emerald Dream and vanished completely. My mother passed while giving birth to me.
Katiyanah does not know who her parents were as she was raised in an orphanage, which I understand is very uncommon for a Blood Elf. I thought I would mix her story up a little. She does have a sister she was raised with but other than that, not much blood relatives to speak of.
Mine were killed, risen from the dead, and I killed them again.

Any more questions?

Niselle's father died after the fall of Quel'thalas when he unknowingly pulled into harbour only to have his ship swarmed by the Wretched.

Niselle's mother was so crushed by his death, because the whole family though he was safe having been away during the siege, that she sort of just, slipped away. She's technically still alive, but she sort of just slowly lost her will to live so she sits around and stares at the walls or sleeps all day. Niselle and her brother take care of their mum as best they can.
Sayu's parents are dead, and by dead I mean he made sure that there is no trace of them. He killed anyone who could ever have rememebred them and burned as much documentations as he could of there exsitance.
I try not to go with the "my parents are deeeaaadd" cliche for my characters, but in the Warcraft universe it's kinda hard to sometimes not, ya know? I also try to have their parents play a part in their life, but eh, doesn't always work out so well. Most stories are WIP, but this is what I have so far for a few of them.


The twin Druids' (Niccala and Nizzic) mother (a sentinel) went MIA at the Battle of Mount Hyjal; the worst is assumed. Their father is still alive...but his health is deteriorating (his health was always in shaky condition, but the ability to age is starting to show increasing negative effects).
Niccala and her mother stopped talking after awhile after a huge blow-up between the two which resulted in Nicc basically just running away and practically abandoning her family - she probably took her mother's disappearance the hardest, though (regrets, etc). Their father is overall generally supportive of his two children and the both of them have always had a pretty good relationship with their father (Nizzic moreso than Nicc due to being around more and Nicc being embarrassed about leaving the family). The twin Druids don't really see each other much and don't "click" as well as they used to, but both have good relationships with each other.

Roxxin (Worgen Deathnight) lost her parents after the Scourge attacked Pyrewood (presumably) and the Worgen were unleashed to protect it. Unknown if they lived or not as she vacated the village during the Worgen confusion. (Story still WIP so might not be entirely accurate.)

Miraas (Worgen Warlock) came from Lordaeron but settled herself in Gilneas before it was walled off. Her mother and father stayed in Lordaeron. I don't think I need to paint the rest of the picture here.

Tomores' (Worgen Rogue) mother was a prostitute, his father unknown. He had a very good relationship with his mother up until her death (caught a cold and became real sick, too poor to afford medication). Despite his mother having a very...shady job, she actually influenced his attitude towards women; as a result, Tomores is always a gentleman to all ladies he meets.

Torla's (Human Monk) parents were farmers in the dying land of Westfall. Though Torla left and conditions only worsen in the area, her parents stayed behind to protect and attempt to revive what is their's. Due to having to work and live in harsh territory, her mother and father are both rather hardy and tough people - both emotionally and physically. Torla herself is alot like her folks due to living in Westfall, but also due to being the eldest in her family and being forced to "grow-up" to help her folks.

Ishte's (Draenei Paladin) parents died in one of the many attacks the Orcs threw at the Draenei on Draenor. The massacre sort of scarred Ishte's feelings on the Light - well, at least until another Vindicator inspired her. Her parent's death still kind of haunts her in the back of her mind and sometimes shakes her faith; this drives her to wanting to understand the Light, and thanks to being on Azeroth makes her want to understand the "Light" from the points of view of other races. ("If these people don't revere the Naaru nor take help from them, then...what exactly is their 'Light'..?")

Nakkin's (Troll Druid) mother and father are both alive (but old for Trolls now). Nakk was born to a tried-and-true Darkspear family; both of his parents are very patriotic to their tribe and will follow Vol'jin to the end. Neither of his parents are warriors, though, but his father is a prideful fishertroll, while his mother is an avid and fierce huntress in their shore-based village. Nakkin was the youngest born to his parents; although his father has always used "tough love" as a means to make sure his whelps grew up to be productive members of the village, his mother shielded him from it (after losing two whelps, she decided to become fiercely protective of her "babys" as she grew older) which made him grow rather "soft" in comparison to his siblings (he's kind of a dreamer and doesn't take things terribly seriously).
Although his mother and father would fight about how to raise Nakk, they both still loved each other very much and were entirely devoted mates. Nakk respects (and sometimes fears) his father alot, despite him being harsh on Nakk. Nakk loves his mother dearly (as was expected, he's kind of a momma's boy).


There are others, but those are the ones that have the more "definitive" parent stories so far.
Ros and her sister were orphaned at a young age. She never knew her father but learned about her mother from her mentor and later met her as a forsaken during her time in the Gilneas Liberation Front. Perhaps needless to say, they aren't on good terms with one another.
Mrs. Tideraiser's parents were killed on her nineteenth birthday.

Elwynn's mother died while giving birth to his sister. He was young, so he didn't really get to know his mother very well. His father, Lord Ello, cherishes Elwynn. But the two men are congruently aloof, and so they have only few moments of bonding and deep conversation.
Unknown. No one ever saw Aereath as a child...
They're undead.

She's a Cromwell.
Amidst the chaos that followed the Forsaken's invasion, while Bloodpaw helped civilians flee from gilneas he was unable to communicate with his family and thus lost them, though Bloodpaw has looked for them since he has never been able to find a sign of them being alive or dead....
No idea, Shai can't remember much of his life before being raised so he has no idea where to begin looking (let alone any real desire too look, beyond curiosity)
War's parents are still alive, and she's on good terms with them. They're both pretty much farmers in Mulgore now the Tauren have stopped wandering. Before that her mother was a simple herbalist (which she still is really) and her father hunted for food (which whilst he can still do and does on occasion, he has no need to any more).

Granted she hasn't seen them since Taurajo burned down but they're both fine and will live a long time yet as Tauren reckon time, assuming nothing goes wrong in mulgore again anyway.
Both alive, but I have little contact with them. They were disappointed that I chose the warrior path rather than be a mage like them, and they were REALLY upset when I came out as a lesbian. I was even banished from Ironforge over the latter issue, though now I am permitted to visit once more. I still will never live there, however, and even refused to invite my parents to my wedding in Stormwind to my human warrior partner (female, of course).

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