BG Queue's playing up for a few hours now

Technical Support
Trying to queue for WSG or AB on lvl 19 toon, keep getting 13 min queue for wsg, and 43 min queue for AB. I've let the timer go to well over an hour on both before re-queueing and letting it run for as long again. Any reason or fix?

The estimated timer for Battlegrounds is based off the previous time it took a Battleground to spawn. If there aren't enough Battlegrounds being formed at your level group, then it's not really going to be very accurate.

The most I can recommend is to keep waiting.
Yea if you don't already know, level 19 bg's aren't really THAT popular anymore as much as they use to be. They happen, yes, but seldom are you ever going to get a quick Q for one.

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