Unchained (A) LF1M healer for 10m core

Unchained 15/16N 10m 

Looking for a healer to join our dedicated core of friends that have been playing since vanilla together. We transferred here 4 weeks ago and trying to find a healer that sticks. 

We are currently 15/16n and want to start doing heroics ASAP. This is a permanent spot. We are laid back but when it comes to raiding we focus and get stuff done. We have been downing 2-3 new bosses a week and would like to have a smooth heroic progression as well. 

Priest, shaman or resto druid with a min. Ilvl of 480 is required. 

Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 9-1 est. Do not post or reply if you are not 100% sure you can do these times permanently. Times will not change. 

Please post, whisper or drop an ingame mail to me, Raefon or Huntersixx if interested.  

Unchainedsr@enjin.com (site in making) 
Still looking!
Still looking!

16/16 Full clear HoF and ToeS 4 hours. Heroics next week...

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