Motivation for achievements

Why do people like working towards and getting achievements?

I'm curious about other people's reasons for liking (or disliking) the wow achievement system.

I suppose I like collecting achievements because it is something else in game to work on aside from levelling, gearing, raiding and professions (although they all give achievements too). But what other reasons do people have that keeps them motivated to collect achievements?

Since there is no reward for achievements (you can't buy things with the points), there must be something about the achievements themselves that are rewarding, so what is it?
The achievement itself is the reward;
No matter which you choose to pursue.

For me Achievements are a time killer when I can't think of anything else to do.
I agree with Schwert.
I think they're more used for a means of alcoholism without the liver problems.
At least, that's what I do it for.
Wow! Nearly 20k achieve points Sarthe! That's impressive! Looks like you do have a case of achivement-holism. :P
It started out as mild hobby for me, now it's become a full fledged addiction. I won't stop until I have them all. If blizzard said there would be an achievement for hacking their servers and replacing the sky with nude pictures, the only thing I would think is, "hmm 10 points".

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