HerbQuest, the Return!


Once again I'm looking to purchase old world herbs (pre-cata).

This is NOT an invitation to flood the AH with overpriced herbs in the hopes I'll scoop them up, 'cause I won't. I'm perfectly capable of gathering them all myself if it comes to that. I realize people will probably do this anyways, but I felt after the last time it was worth mentioning. This IS an opportunity for YOU to turn a fair profit from all those dust-collecting herbs that are taking up YOUR valuable bank space.

If you've got old herbs to sell, please contact me in game to discuss/negotiate details. If you are Horde, we can probably still work something out (BOBCAT?!). Hehe.

Thanks for reading.

- Myleia
I dont have too many old herbs, but can give what little old herbs I have. Now if you need MoP herbs, I believe I can assist in this regard.

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