Looking for overview with Hunter's DPS

Hello. I am curious as to a new recruits dps, as we had reports of him being a little low, but I was unsure. I was just checking to see if anyone was kind enough to give a quick look, or at least a link to which I could gain info to look at myself.

World of Logs:


Thanks in advance!!
It looks a little low to me. It isn't the end all be all for information regarding a rank for player DPS but you should check him out at http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/sargeras/duhnian/
Some minor points about her gears:

gemming for weak socket bonuses
reforged into haste
Thrill of the Hunt

none of this is critical, but as a recruiter I'd ask her to explain her choices given that conventional wisdom is to only gem for agi bonus, have two profs that give agi buffs, reforge out of haste, and use Thrill only for AoE, preferred is Dire Beast

Next up is spec, which is a little more important, using Survival on fights where BM is better. I don't like to play BM and it can be less DPS at first, until the hunter develops some BM skill, but BM>Surv on single target fights (which the bosses in these logs are).

Note, logs for Sha are less useful than other fights, since there's a separation of players on platforms (same for Garajal).

Finally, shot selection

53 explosives seems low for a 7 minute fight (explo has a 6 sec CD, plus gets LnL procs), altho Lei Shi does disappear frequently; since almost everyone raids this boss as BM I'm not sure what the number should be.

I'm thinking less experienced/less knowledgeable hunter is probably low, lots of room for improvement. Did beat the mage though, so she's got that going for her.
I haven't checked your guild's logs yet, but the armory shows no scope? That's a free 1800 agi proc
No stampede glyph and one pet is tenacity (tank spec). Missing out on DPS there whenever stampede is used.

Out of the 3 parses linked (sha, lei shi, garalon), I'm looking at Lei Shi. Garalon factors in pheromone kiting and the boss might not be in range, and sha report won't work if the person logging wasn't on the same add platform as the hunter.

First off, BM is better than SV on single target fights. Wind Lord, Empress (if you are having issues on the adds), and Stone Guard is where it can be used.

That being said, the Lei Shi damage is now awful, but relatively low. However, your kill was over 7.5 minutes long. That's a VERY long time for that fight. The longer a fight goes on, the lower the DPS will seem.
I'm trying to look up a ranking hunter to compare to yours for buff uptime and what not, but the average kill time is between 4-6 minutes.

Serpent sting was only up for just over 80% of the time. So it's falling off and/or it's not being applied to the adds at all.

Black arrow uptime was under 50%. That's pretty low, even if you never use it on adds.

The gun was won 1 day ago, so guess they haven't had time to put a scope on it. That should be taken care of by the next time you raid.

I am guessing you are a casual guild. Do you require 300 food, flask, and pre-potting? Those are big DPS increases.
You did manage to pick 3 awful fights for analyzing dps numbers... I found Spirit Kings from another night, which is a bit simpler to look at.


In her gear, I'd expect numbers closer to 80k. 68k is incredibly low.

It looks like she's really struggling with using LnL. She has an average of 6.09 seconds uptime per proc throughout the fight. Besides DoT uptime, that is the next most important thing for survival. LnL should very seldom be up for more than 4 seconds per proc.

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