Druids need 3 or 4 specs :(

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02/05/2013 02:42 PMPosted by Shinjo
now we're the Mediocre of Two Trades

You're currently the most OP healing class in the game, one of the most OP dps, and a decent tank, what else do you want?

02/05/2013 02:42 PMPosted by Shinjo
We're just copies of other classes just mashed together, instead of being it's own class

well, no, you're your own unique class, druids are the only healers w/ HoTs

02/05/2013 02:42 PMPosted by Shinjo
which should be put back in, I miss the old tree form! but that's another thread lol

Wait, we have a minor glyph now that makes you a tree, tune in, tokyo

I queue as tank as a geared boomkin.

What? They're dead before they get to me, anyway!
The problem is that in order to switch specs, it takes like 30 minutes to respec your hotbar and move skills around and into the right form, respec your talents into the right talents you want for the spec you're respeccing into. I actually liked gathering the 3-4 sets of gear we used to have to back in the day. As an altoholic, Druid was the cure :)
Dual-spec is about roles, not specs. There are three roles total - Tank, DPS, Heals. Druids can be all three roles, but can only choose two - just like paladins and monks.
. It used to be that druids could fill any role needed in a raid, now we're limited to just 2 roles, which all but pure dps classes can fill as well. I truly miss the days of having a tank have to leave, and Druid takes over. A mage has to go, and I switch over to boomkin. A rogue having to leave and I switch to kitty form. A priest having to leave and I switch to tree form

Those days never existed. You never could have moonkin and tree form in the same spec, and if your two specs were balance and resto, you were NOT capable of tanking a raid.
But we could be in cat and switch to emergency bear.

Now we're just cat and emergency ... smear.

Or bear and a kitten.

Or boomkin and ... other boomkin.

Or walking celery.

It's not the same.
I need an addon that will save my bars in whichever spec im in, pain in !@# to respec and have to figure out where the hell everything went :P

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