Shadow PVP reforge question

Reforge crit to mastery? Or vice-versa? I see the guide says that mastery seems to scale better. I see a lot of the top players reforging mastery to crit though. Can anyone break this one down?
I've tried several different builds. My current gear isn't set up very optimally, but I'll add my two cents.

Do yourself a favor and check your DPS meter at the end of match for the breakdown of your damage (Recount is the general choice if you don't have one). What I tend to see anyway is an almost even 5 way (20% of total damage) between:

- M.Blast
- M.Spike (FDCL)
- V.Touch
- SW:P

The last 20% is mostly DP (Burst and DoT); With Mind Flay, Touch of the Grave, Shadow Clones, etc etc, bringing up the last bit.

So, 3/5th of my skills which represent probably 55-60% of my overall damage, get no benefit from Mastery. Considering that Mastery procs can still crit, that's at least why I think crit is considered better.
I prefer mastery. I've tried mastery, crit, and haste. Crit was the worst in my opinion, haste was alright but I hadn't met the cap so I didn't benefit much from it. But I proc a hell of a lot more and hit harder with my procs with mastery.
6% Hit > Resilience > Int > PvP Power > 12.5% Haste > Mastery > Haste > Crit

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