<Red Smoke> H10man recruiting

We're a small tight knit casual guild who recently has had a few members drop due to some real life situations. We are currently looking to add another DPS or two and may even be able to make space for a tank as well.

Current progression is regular MSV farm (when we have enough) and we are itching to plow through HOF once we have a full consistent raid team.

Anyone is welcomed to join up but our current top priorities would be a hunter and a death knight. However, we always enjoy playing with other quality players so even if you aren't one of those classes but you are interested in getting your feet wet with us send me an in game whisper.

Currently we raid tuesday and thursday nights from 9-11 (sometimes a little later if the need arises).

Anyone interested please whisper myself, Calypzo, or Zeddikis in game!

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