[A] <Two Drink Minimum> Recruiting 10m

<Two Drink Minimum>, formerly Gnomes Do Vibrate is recruiting for 10 man raid content. The guild is level 25. We are a pretty advanced casual-ish guild (aren't we all), as in we kept within top 5-7 server ranking throughout most of wrath raids. We have an extremely friendly and knowledgeable guild base.

We are currently recruiting:
Tank: Non-Warrior
Healer: Non-Priest
DPS: Range preferred

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 7pm-10pm MST (Server time)
Thursday: 7pm-10pm

We are running 1 10m group at this time and have made a decent stride for how late we have started. We are 6/6 6/6 4/4 currently and pushing through content at a quick pace. We do hope to jump right into the fray for T15 though.

Please send any inquiries to Kassany/Amayya or Ataim/Miloh in-game via mail or PM.

Need a couple bodies still for a quick start into 5.2 soon.
I thought Deathwing killed you guys...or maybe that was real life...
Still looking for a couple of people!
Bumpity bump

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