10% nerf to old riads! Y?

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02/05/2013 07:29 PMPosted by Luna
Is Valor going to reset? Inquiring minds want to know.

To the front page with you!
02/05/2013 07:29 PMPosted by Luna
Is Valor going to reset? Inquiring minds want to know.

No. Valor is being converted to Justice and all Justice past a cap of 4K will be converted to gold.
I don't think the 10% nerf is enough to make anyone want to go back there. LFR Thunder gives 503 gear which is better then normal MSV (489) and normal HoF/Terrace (496). LFR you literally just press a button to que up and your there and it isn't that difficult to kill stuff while MSV/HoF/Terrace requires you to create a group of specific roles and classes and then work together with a much higher degree of difficulty and challenge only to get gear that is worse? 20%+ nerf would make more sense imo. I know I won't bother going back there with my alts or my main, too much hassle for inferior gear.

Path of less resistance my friends ...
Why would anyone bother with 5.0's raids when LFR T15 drops 502 gear and T15 drops 522 gear?

I really don't see myself doing them with the guild even if it's just to nail those last few boss kills or achievements. Not enough hours in the week to do a 12 boss raid AND a 6 + 6 + 4 boss set of raids that provide outdated gear.

because you can't queue for the new LFR unless you're il480

Easier to farm heroic dungeon gear, push yourself to ilvl 471, buy 496 boes (which will be cheap), buy cheap friendly/honored gear from factions (dominance has 496 gear, rest have 489), queue for T14 lfr and get your shiny new ilvl.
I don't understand why you guys do this.. I mean it's been months since these raids have been out, hasn't anyone who wanted to get through them done that by now? I play games to actually spend time in them, not to race to the end and then have nothing new to see or look forward to... I really thought the progression in TBC was fantastic, I don't know why you want us all to be at the same level progression-wise.

That said, obviously I'd rather you do this than what you did in Cataclysm... but still... the more progression you have, the longer people will play to reach those far off goals, the more epic the journey, and the higher the payoff when you finally get to a new raid... it's like climbing a ladder. Some people might complain but guess what - they're still playing. There's a reason for that. Your audience grew during TBC like it did during no other expansion because the endgame had depth.
I'm a riader.
Cinderfury, I can't get into a committed raid team to clear Heart of Fear/Terrace atm.
02/05/2013 07:17 PMPosted by Mordstreich

won't really be any really. The biggest issues before with nerfs was no incentive or reward for doing it pre nerf and having no real distinction between those that did it at 0% and those who did it at 30% like dragonsoul. I feel like 5.x was better at accomplishing this, especially with no nerfs until next tier opens up plus removing achieves too so gear from next tier can't also trivialize it, buff or not.
02/05/2013 07:24 PMPosted by Bashiok
It meant that if you were even slightly behind the curve you could potentially never catch up.

I'm going to ignore everything else you said and instead quote this one sentence out of context and refute it vehemently.

Bash gets to play blue and troll at the same time?! What madness is this?!
02/05/2013 07:16 PMPosted by Bashiok
New characters coming into Mists of Pandaria will be going through Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring, killing bosses, and gearing up before moving on.

With Throne of THunder dropping items equivalent to heroic T14 gear I don't understand why Blizzard is completely ignorant to the movements of the playerbase.

No one will be going into T14 for any reason outside of Elegon's mount or transmog items, new players or old.
A bit of a surprise with previous mentionings of no intents to bring in a nerf especially due to the existence of LFR.

Sounds a bit like what the developers was trying with T11 coming into T12 without the increased gear drops which does sound like a good way to get players to run these raids which gets me to this point of yours:
02/05/2013 07:16 PMPosted by Bashiok
, but we also don’t want the Cataclysm model of being able to more or less skip straight to the end

You mean the late WotLK model that Cata tried to initially avoid with the nerf to T11 with no catch up dungeons? The developers said they wanted to avoid what they did with ToC and ICC in WotLK with instant catch ups when it came time to move on to T12 and then threw it out the window for DS. The further we get into MoP the more the developers are saying the things they called fixes and the right direction for the game in Cata post launch are actually mistakes.

If this helps PuG raiders then nice. LFR might still draw too much attention for this change to really mater.
02/05/2013 07:22 PMPosted by Taldarim
So Bashiok, will you only get the Feat of Strength if you complete all 3 raids on normal mode before 5.2 is released?

Pretty sure you only get feats of strength for pre-nerf heroic will/empress/sha of fear

That's a good thing if it's only for the heroic bosses, it wouldn't be a good situation if people suddenly weren't getting invited to the new raids on a server, because they couldn't even prove that they downed content when it was current...there's a lot of elitism in this game. Raids require team work, you might be a decent player yourself, but if you can't find a good team, you're not going to get anywhere.
Thanks Bashiok.

Now I need to clear normal HoF and toes before 5.2.
Woah, you're nerfing the old raidsby 10%? I'm certain you don't have compelling and well written reasons as well as supportive systems to ensure my time is recognized.

This isn't anything like a post someone who would whine about it would write... Bashiok, I would have expected you to make it more trolly. >:
Good post though :D
Thanks Bashiok.

Now I need to clear normal HoF and toes before 5.2.

I doubt I will make it in time!
02/05/2013 07:16 PMPosted by Bashiok
New characters coming into Mists of Pandaria will be going through Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring, killing bosses, and gearing up before moving on. Due to that we’ll be adjusting the difficulty, as well as item drops, to make progression a bit quicker without shortcutting people directly to the Throne of Thunder raid. With the release of 5.2 enemy health and damage in the three prior raids will be reduced by 10%.

So... is the queue iLvl requirement remaining the same, or do I need to continue to hang onto my just-hit-90 instant iLvl 470 package of BOE gear for passing around to alts?

Wouldn't mind selling some of it.
10% nerf is not going to be enough to overcome Elegon and Garalon. The kill rate on bosses is less than 30%, this might improve it to 40%. There were tens of thousands of guilds who couldn't clear DS with the 35% nerf.

Moreover, this shows a lack of understanding on Blizzard behalf since Heart of Fire is a mechanics instance - no amount of nerfing is going to help the person who cannot dodge any of the tornados on Blade Lord, who can't dodge the yellow discs on attenuation or get inside the bubble. Who doesn't know how to kite pheremones, etc... etc... those guilds are pretty much toast.

If a guild is stuck on Heart of Fire, this is pretty much Blizzard saying "this is the end of the expansion for you".

So... what is your solution then? Because if people can't get out of bad, why should they be allowed to move forward? That's like Timmy failing all his classes and the school system moving him on to the next grade anyway.
Nice new avatar Mister. (although I may be way late to that party..)

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