Holy Paladins should use Off-hand Tomes

Shields have always fit into the image of the paladin/templar, thats why. I like it personally.

02/07/2013 01:20 PMPosted by Arcilles

No. Paladins have always carried a shield. It is a core icon of the Paladin healer. They already took away our use of Judgment. I don't want to walk around looking like plated priest (regardless of our commonalities) I want to look like the BA healers that we are. And regardless of whether we are believed to be front line, or more importantly whether it is viable for us to be front line, Blizzard wants us to remain there. Our melee hits wouldn't refund mana, etc. (Regardless of how useless that is right now with the EF bug) if they didn't consider us capable of the front lines.

I find this both an ironic and humorous conclusion as, unless I am very much mistaken, no Paladin in Warcraft III ever used a Shield yet they all carried a Libram in their off-hand. And I fail to see how the fact that Uther never used a shield made him look any less like a battle healer. The same goes for the Warrior Priests of WAR.

The visual of a Paladin carrying a Libram in their off hand while wielding a Mace in the other is far more iconic than shields have ever been for Paladins. Further emphasizing the irony that we have two specs that utilize shields yet not one that utilizes a Libram.

Right, and thats why paladins had tomes in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. They were removed for loot table bloat, so, sorry it used to be how you wanted it but its not anymore.
Transmog is still new in this game. They are just now getting to some of the biggest issues with xmog. Something like being able to xmog shields to other offhands may have never really been in consideration to begin with. But, now I'm assuming. Never hurts to ask them and see what they say.

Anyway, I'd love to block attacks with a libram like a bawss. Read or die.

Which leads to the next problem of getting a blue response. As far as I know the only time a blue ever posts in a suggestion post is to acknowledge that the topic has been moved to another forum.

Heh, you could always tweet GC :P

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