pally, druid, priest LF Raid team

Hi, We are Angelboo (pally) Liva (druid) and Healjobb (priest). Our raiding team has fallen apart and we are now looking for a new home. We are willing to server change or faction change. Currently we are horde frostmourne and all reside along the east coast of Australia. We are all 11/16 experience, and fast learners.

Angelboo- Holy Pally (I can also be a holy priest if need be) 490 Ilvl.
Liva- Resto/ boomkin 489 Ilvl
Healjobb- Shadow/ holy priest 491 Ilvl

We all have extensive raiding experience, and want to stay together so are looking for a team that can take all 3 of us.
OR we can transfer our guild and recruit more people to make a 10 man team if we get enough interest.

For further information please reply to this thread or contact Boo in game tashboo#6896

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