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I'm using the app on the iPhone 4, and the app has the latest update.

When you're browsing the Auction House or other item lists, if you scroll down a list of items and you click on an item, and then you hit the back button to go back to the list, it will *sometimes* move you all the way back up to the top of the list and not keep you where you had previously scrolled to on the list, so then you have to spend another 5 minutes scrolling all the way back down to where you previously were on the list. It makes me scared to click on items in really long lists because of this. Sometimes it hesitates on your spot on the list before it jumps you back up to the beginning, and I try to hold it there but it frequently makes you go back to the top of the list. This is the #1 most annoying part about the mobile app for me. Please fix it!

Side note: If possible, I will try to figure out what separates the times it does not auto-send me to the top of a list and the times that it does, and I will post that here when I find out.
Thanks for the report, Andariel.

This behavior is due to the way caching works in the app. If you navigate two "pages" away from a particular page that you have a state change on (meaning the page has changed from it's original appearance), Auction House search results for example, and then you return to that page using the Back button, it will need to reload that data because we dump the information that was being cached 2 or more page views away. This is intentional, because we prefer that the app run quicker, rather than retaining X number of cached pages, which would slow down the app and your device.

FYI: Whether you're on page 1 or page 4 of the search results, it's still technically the same page, albeit with a state change. I've communicated this observation to our team based upon my own frustrations. It has been noted, but I cannot provide any estimate as to when a change to this would happen, if at all.
Thanks for your response Wilebosk,

I had a general idea that this was the case, but I figured I'd report it anyway since it's on the top of my list for frustrating things about the app. I'm glad that you have communicated it to your team; whether or not any changes are made, it's good that you've taken note of it.


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