Battered Hilt

Is on the Neutral AH! It is a horde only Hilt! Price is 25k at the moment. Will go lower, but must be a decent offer. (If you say 2 gold you'll be ignored.) PST me in game to discuss
SOrry...If you have the battered Hilt on the alliance side...only alliance side can use it..

it doesnt switch when it goes horde/alliance...alliance/horde
It is a horde only Hilt. It was on the black market AH, and the information that it was horde only did not show up until after I purchased and tried to use it. Blizzard already told me they would not exchange it, and that I have to sell over neutral. I am fully aware that it is horde or alliance, and not both.
You can get them for 10k on the BMAH and no one ever bids on them.

But since you're a Carebear... I wish you the best of luck in making a sweet profit.
Awww ty, I like being a carebear, if I had your guild name. It would make it that much better

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