change mining and herbalism minimap icons!!!

For god sake blizzard!, change the color of mining and herbalism nodes from something other than the same icon used for non agressive animals! being a hunter and having track beast on to keep an eye out for enemy druids or shamans or horde hunter pets makes it damn near impossible to find mineral nodes, my damn map is littered with so many dots im not going to waste my time by mousing over every stupid dot to see what it is! u would think this would be a simple easy fix and yet i keep seing other peoples postings of this same isue and complaint dating 3 years back! get your butt off your computer chair and make the simple change, this is so frustrating i have darnear given up mining for something else!

PS you could also add a spell checker to thread creations for those of us who have less than perfect spelling :P
Use an Addon.

If not, turn off the animal tracking if you plan to herb/mine.

If not, endure.
Pretty sure addons already do what you are asking, so Blizzard implementing the same thing would be a waste of resources (and probably a worse alternative based on history).

As for spell check, try FireFox. My browser came with spell check.
i have hunted and hunted for a simple light weight addon that does what i described, but all i can find are heavy addons that change my entire mini map setup and do everything but walk the dog....

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