Optional Solo/Group Difficulty on Quest/NPC?

Could we have a corresponding color to each elite dragon
i.e green-2 man strong,
blue - 3 man strong,
silver-4 man strong, g
old- elite/5 man dungeon strongman bossmode.

Having instead of set 7-8 wolves spawn, every 5 or so, will be a green dragon one, w/ a chance at better loot, 10-20 or so a blue, and have 2-3 silvers wandering around and the gold elite bossmode wolf chilling at his nice rock den with his wolfettes.

were this in place, every quest could have an optional challenge mode, where while killing the normal wolfs for the quest, you can option into killing a few green /blue wolves and getting a better green or then having the silver/gold 5 man boss level guys still require a group for the most part, but also drop gear equivalent to 5 man dungeon.

This would open the game up, and give questing and leveling the feel that scenarios have, where it is simply. assemble a team of crewmemembers, and do the best you can. Magnify the landscape by 1.5 just by gnomish world enlarger magic on people and trees, doodads, and then the landscape can be just as large, or expanded / phased if you want to make room for quest mobs that way.

Also having a Group Mode, and Challenge Mode, on each quest, could give some play through, maybe Gregor Mendel needed some Murloc Oracle Crone Bile so he can sneak past his hag wife at night to go out for drinks, so me and my buddies had so surmount that swarm teleporting murlock frost witch. This could give maybe a better green level option, or maybe an entertaining, or unique colored, or aptly themed piece of armor for such efforts.
If you don't have the people, just put in the madlib etc fill in the blanks of this quest, more or less,

If you want voices just put in some skype or something from the VoIP, and just let people fill in some idle chatter or read the script into the mic, and take that for whatever. Let the player fulfill the role as the hero, making impactful descisions, linear storylines can get repetitive, and redundant, when replayed over and over, giving some alternative to this would be great.
Seriously, some replay value, or another difficulty level, even just a few servers played at the old level caps with the old dungeon setups, this could breathe life and longevity back into this game.

Think about this game as concurrent generations of pokemon, the man can play through any of the new games, and still go back through and relive the glory of the basic red version.

Try not to forget about the good things, not everybody has a 4 second attention span, not everybody is isolation loner mode and does things solo, people who enjoyed the interactive component when regarding players in the original game, would be let down seeing how little communication one has to do, and how simple, painless, and easy the challenges are that surmount to the old standards of difficulty, investment, and the strength of the entire world of azerothe, as this was the game.

It is a shame to see this belittled and simply played now more so as a walkthrough, completely soloable, breezy, without challenge, and so fast in leveling speed that people miss half of the quests in an area, or level out too quickly to complete many arcs, along with being grouped with random players, with minimally challenged dungeons handled by players well above or exceeding the expected or minimum gear/skill/effort investment.

I understand
Is this really too much to put in the game? Put all of the random NPC abilities of Wolf/animal into a bag and pick a few of those an put them on an elite and call it a day. This could be done for most quests, like Orc Legionaires instead of footmen at northshire, just to give the option of having a challenge in this game, rather than breezing through 1-90 like we do now.
I think this would add a reasonable amount of depth, and replay value, being able to undertake a harder challenge instead of just killing the collector, you've got to trap the elwynn kingpin and take him down...
Any reasons this couldn't work? Anybody got any better ideas? repetitive quests get a bit dry after a while, this could make everyone a challenge or a breeze how ever the person pleases.

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