<The Sacrilege> is recruiting DPS or Healer!

Bleeding Hollow
<The Sacrilege> is a 10 man raiding guild built around a small group of friends that have played together for the passed three years. We're looking for a couple relaxed raiders to fill in 2 dps spots in our raid roster.

We're 6/6, 4/6 and 1/4. We would prefer to pick up any two of the following: rogue, warrior, mage or lock. We could also fit in a good healer, preferably shaman/druid/priest.

We raid Wednesday, Friday and Suunday nights from 9-12 PM server time.

Interested applicants should at least be around high 470's in ilvl.

Add me on battle tag: Krazzle#1531 to talk about joining us!

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