Lords of Eternity [A] 2nd 10P Recruiting

The Lords of Eternity has recently switched from a 25P raid to two 10P raids. We are looking for a few players to flesh out our second group.

About LoE
LoE is a relatively old alliance guild on the Garona server, started in Dec of 2005. The guild's current focus is on two 10 player raids, but with a unique twist. Namely, our goal is to defeat all 10P raid raid content on an extremely limited schedule: 9 hours a week.

As such, LoE is an ideal home for working professionals and students who are serious about raiding, but simply do not have the time to raid on schedules that are more common to progression guilds. Nonetheless, we don't raid lightly. Our raids are fast, efficient, and, importantly, successful.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 8-11 pm cst
Wednesday 8-11 pm cst
Thursday 8-11 pm cst

Our focus atm is Throne of Thunder so please be appropriately geared.

We are looking for an additional hybrid healer/dps.
Druid (Resto, preferably with a Balance offspec)
Paladin (Holy)
Shaman (Resto, preferably with a Elemental offspec)

Please contact Kasim, Theshortbus or Apollo in game for more information. You may also inquire about positions on our forums.
(The home page of the website has not yet been updated to reflect our change from a 25P raid.)
Still looking for a good warlock or rest/balance druid. We provide free rum and hookers.

Druid: resto/balance
Shammy: resto/elem

Did I mention the free rum?

EDIT: Our raid times are T/W/Th 8-11 CST now.
I have updated the original post to reflect our recruiting need.

Although we still head into ToES and HoF, we are now working on Throne of Thunder so please only apply if you're appropriately geared (485 iLvL min).
still looking

You can hit me up as well. I'll point you in the right direction.
we are looking for a full time tank as well as a healer

LF tank & heals w/DPS OS
We filled the tank position internally but we are still looking for a hybrid healer/dps and possibly one more good ranged dps.
All this mid week raiding, what happened to the weekend raid guilds for those of us that work more than the rest of you?
All this mid week raiding, what happened to the weekend raid guilds for those of us that work more than the rest of you?

Most of us do have full-time jobs, with a few students as well. I don't think any of us solely play WoW!
Would it be possible for me to join this guild as I'm gearing up my toons? I recently switched over to this realm and am looking for a guild.

We are currently looking for a tank and healer heroic ready. Minimum LFR with VP/crafted armor. Please contact myself, Thebustop/Theshortbus, or Kasim.
LF a tank and healer for SoO. Please be ToT geared.
No ranged dps I take it?
LF a Tank & Ranged DPS

Please contact -Thebustop/Theshortbus, or Kasim
We're always melee heavy so any ranged classes would be welcome.
What ilvl you guys looking for?

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