How did your pandaren react to the undead?

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Would they be horrified or curious? Would they shun them or accept them?

Here you are living blissfully on a giant sea turtle when suddenly all these Forsaken and death knights start springing up everywhere.

If you have a Pandaren character, what was his/her personal reaction?
My Pandaren would be curious about them more than anything, a strong follower in the ideals of balance and harmony. As a priest, he/she'd try and find the balance and harmony in their presence (and likely find none with their genocide campaign, but drama can be good for character development.)

Outside of that, I haven't quite formulated my Pandaren's personality, and I'm still jostling characters around a bit. I'm finding Horde to make for more interesting character concepts, but there are a few Alliance toons I really want.
As a younger Pandaren, and particularly as a shaman, I'm more curious about the Forsaken than anything. I perceive them as a possible link between the spirit world and the "living" world, something to learn about rather than to fear.

Though there still is an underlying sense of fear because undead is such an unknown quantity so far in my life.
Pandaren in game don't seem to be at all shocked at Forsaken, so.
Well, Taly's first impression was having ghouls raised in her face with absolutely no explanation of what a Death Knight actually is.

So no, she didn't react all too well to that.
Hakubi doesn't like the forsaken.
My pandaren actually has yet to interact with one, oddly.

Mebahiah here made a pandaren throw up by showing him her face, though. She made a pandaren lose his lunch - any idea how hard it is to make a pandaren lose any sort of meal?

I can imagine Rysill trying her damnest to intimidate an older and wiser Pandaren monk and then eventually getting frustrated and giving up when he just laughs softly in amusement and offers her a beer.
My Horde Pandaren attempts to maintain civility with forsaken and death knights but neither understands why they choose to continue living. My Alliance pandaren treats most people the same so long as they don't seem crazy but shares the horde pandaren's lack of understanding of the sentient undead.

None of them understand why these people live on in such an unnatural state and don't simply kill themselves or allow themselves to die by some other means, though none of them are reeling to do it for these people.
I'm more surprised they don't react strongly to trolls. I mean, trolls are kinda the bogeymen of the pandaren society, and now a small army show up to say, "We're on your side now!"

I dunno... I'd be uneasy.

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