New xfer guild to mal'ganis.

About us
Quantum Theory is an 10 man Horde raiding guild established in 2012 a new xfer to Mal'ganis, Xfer'd here feb 2, 2013. Our goal in the game is to achieve the best possible rank while keeping to a reasonable raiding schedule.
As for people behind the keyboard most of us are vanilla WoW veterans in their mid to late twenties from all over. We grew up playing video games and enjoy the challenge and excitement of hard mode raiding.

What you can expect from us
• Fast progress trough new raid tiers.
• Experienced and motivated teammates.
• Friendly atmosphere with a sense of community.
. Picking On reed to lighten the mood :)

What we expect from you
• Hard mode raiding experience.
• Fluency in English and willingness to communicate over Vent.
• Success of the group comes first.
• You need to be in control of your playtime and be available for every scheduled raid.
• Intimate knowledge of your class and the ability to play at least two of the specs at a high level.
• You should be able to provide useful feedback during progress and be able to accept constructive criticism.
• A positive attitude towards raiding and decent behavior towards other team members.

Software & Hardware
• Stable internet connection.
• Ventrilo voice chat.

Raiding Schedule
19:00-23:00 server , Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday
(1 day/week on farm)

MoP: 4/16 HC
Cataclysm: 8/8 HC

Loot Distribution
We consider loot as a tool for progress not as a reward and distribute drops in a way that best benefits the whole raid.

Currently recruiting
All the classes listed below. We are also always on the lookout for experienced raiders of any class or spec

Any Q and A
hit up Kynic, Parcea, Jawzz (16/16hm), Helmog
Whalecum to the realm.
Haha thanks.
Since there are a few individuals slurping up to certain infamous guilds that just xfer here, I believe everyone should be welcomed to the realm that Kathos builthos.
bump for these guys
Welcome Adventure Friends! Good luck on Mal'g!

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