Riven (H) PVE and PVP Recruiting

Focus: Raiding / Pvp
Server: Tichondrius
Raid Time: 8:30Pm To 10:30+ Tuesday and Thursday
Website: riven.guildportal.com

Pvp Schedule:Wednesday and Friday

Weekends will be used for Old content for Transmog gear, Achievemnts and Mount Runs for those who are interested.

Monday's will be used to do any Raid clean up's If needed.

Riven Guild leaders have Raiding experience From Pre Bc to Deathwing. Our goal here is to find some like-minded players to fill in our numbers and make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable and once again see End game content and be the best on server.

Our raid plans are not casual in nature. The entire guild is open to a wide array of players, we will raid to win, and this means reserving core raid positions for those who are willing and able to put the time/ability needed to progress. However the minimum requirements before must be met for those interested in applying for a raiding position.

Minimum PvE Requirements: Have Heroic Raiding experience. Minimum Ilvl required is 470.
All Approved applicants will be taken on trial Run and then given a final decision.

Application Process:

Once you are signed up on the guild website, under forms go to Application Thread. Copy and paste entire application with your answers and message me (Salaydin) on the forums.
All applications will be reviewed and answered within 48-72 Hours.

PvP: We are currently looking for 2.4k+ Balance Druid and Warlock for our main Rbg group (2.2 K achiev for 3's is ok). We also have a Rbg group for casuals/alts that is held Friday 2-5st. Please whisper or send in game mail to Simz.

We also check for win traders by seeing the dates they recieved the achievements. So if you have same day achieves or similar please let us know why and we will have to test out your skills

Thank you for your time and reading. Good Hunting!!
How old are you in real life:

Where do you live:
Edmond, Oklahoma.

At what times are you usually online:
Between 5-12 weekdays, weekends vary.

Character’s Name:

Class / Race:
Rogue/Goblin (But I race change often.)

Characters spec:

Characters preferred off spec:

Current Level:

How old are you in real life:

Where do you live:
Edmond, Oklahoma

At what times are you usually online:
Between 5-12 weekdays, weekends vary.

Armory Profile:

Total time played on this char:
213 days 5 hours 54 mins 39 secs

List your Alts:

Trade skills (including First Aid) & their skill level:
Mining/engineering capped
Fishing/cooking/first aid capped
archaeology 530/600

Any Friends in Riven??:

Can you raid Weekdays (maybe more) from 8:00PM until 10PM(sometimes longer) server-time?:
If possible I would rather go an hour earlier but I will make due.

Will you be active reading and using our forums?:

You understand that when joining Riven we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?:
yes, of course.

Please list your raiding experience below, try and fill in as much relevant detail as possible, for example if you cleared Sunwell was it before or after the nerf?
I have cleared all raids after LK up to the second boss in HoF (All raids were 10 man.)

Your raiding experience in vanilla World of Warcraft (the original game):
I ran onyxia a few times, and downed her twice.
Raided MC regularly

Your raiding experience in The Burning Crusade:
Downed everything up to and including Illidan as current content but never cleared sunwell pre nerf.

Your WOTLK raiding experience: know all the battles

Which raid boss is your favourite boss and why?:

Which raid boss is your least favourite boss and why?:
Elegon: Largest wall for my guild on my last server we had ever experienced.

Do you have a stable internet connection?: Please say Yes !!
Yes, and a very nice PC.
Guild History, and why you left them, please list all guilds and use a link if you can:

Why do you wish to Join Riven?:
I need a guild that raids consistently and if they PvP I would love to tag along.
How did you find/hear about Riven?:

Are you currently applying for other guilds than Riven?:
I have not as of yet, but I might if I don't get a response after a few days.
I applied. =]

We are recruiting heals and dps for raids only now. Will still consider pvp applications.

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