Blood DK solo 2v1 Over powered!

So me and my priest ally que for arenas and we face off against a Blood DK and a warlock. THe warlock dies within the first few minutes of the match. Even though this looks to be a win for my partner and I, it is not. The Blood Dk continues to fight us for an additional 20 minutes! This is not even the worst part about it. The blood DK (which is a tank spec) out DPS both my ally and I combined. He also manages to heal close to the amount my dedicated healer partner heals for. The DK deals close to 10 million DPS. I deal just shy of 6 million dps, and my priest ally deals 2 million. So not only is this DK more tanky, he also deals more DPS then 2 players, and close to out heals a dedicated healer. I even took a screen shot after the arena match, but i dont know how to link this info onto this forum.

Why is this still being allowed to happen? This is so ridiculous. I dont know why blizzard developers allow such broken pvp classes/specs. This takes all the fun out of this game for pvp lovers like me.

I wonder do the devs plan on fixing this?
Blood dk's are a useless arena spec and incredibly easy to beat, since the last death strike nerf.
Warlocks die? and just disarm him, burst him, and silence out, they're pretty easy to kill...
No they are not useless in arena, why did a Blood DK solo 2v1? Why did he out dps me when he is a tank and heal close to the amount of my healer? My ally healed 6.9million in the course of the 23 minute long match. The blood DK healed for 6.2 million! Explain to me how that is balanced?

I have the screen shot on my computer if you know how to link it on forums plz tell, because I really want to post the screen shot and show all those people who think im making these numbers up how ridiculous the match was.
sooo funny

i just picture a keyboard turning worgen blood dk soloing !@#$%es
1 - Rogue requires an incredible set up.
2 - he heals you by hitting him --> shuriken toss + kite
3 - Blood dks are nearly impossible to kill with a rogue, especially considering this one probably outgeared you

Use mostly magic damage and kite. Shadow step + stun/dance and shadow blades when you can.
sooo funny

i just picture a keyboard turning worgen blood dk soloing !@#$%es
The blood dk is dealing more damage than you are, but you have to realize it's not because blood actually does a lot of damage. It's because you're a physical damage class that's attacking a plate tank spec. Your own damage is going to be basically nothing, as evidenced by your 6 million over 20 minutes which equals 5000 dps. The dk only did about 8300 dps, which is very low for a dps in 2s.

Just have your priest friend go shadow if this is really an issue for you, because you're going to have a lot of trouble killing a blood dk in the gear you have if you're doing 2s with a healer.
No way should you have lost. Blood dk's cannot outdamage what a healer can heal.
And in no way should your priest be unable to get out and med.

Disarm/Kidney/Dance/Bomb (+kite), holyfire, fear, etc. all stop a blood dk from hitting with blood strike.
Rogues are the best melee at kiting, while you can't just outdps the blood's healing, you should be able to kite so he can't heal while your priest does damage, until you can dance or disarm again.
sooo funny

i just picture a keyboard turning worgen blood dk soloing !@#$%es

I actually thought of a male draenei but that's just as funny.

02/02/2013 06:36 PMPosted by Pokrface
I wonder do the devs plan on fixing this?

Wow you lost to a blood dk?? must suck extremely badly at this game.
Your gear isn't upgraded, you could at least grind out the rest of your honor gear.
Assuming the DK was full mal + upgrades and stacking resilience, why should you be able to kill someone that significantly out gears you? Where does this entitlement come from?

02/02/2013 09:35 PMPosted by Bultek
In my defense, I was trying to cap a rogue in greens.
Jk that was 4 hours ago when I still had the patience for frost/sub. I think we beat the team you're complaining about. With a rogue in greens. It's definitely an L2P issue.
02/02/2013 06:48 PMPosted by Pokrface
why did a Blood DK solo 2v1?
you & you're priest friend are bad.
sooo funny

i just picture a keyboard turning worgen blood dk soloing !@#$%es

Blood is the stupidity check..

02/02/2013 11:23 PMPosted by Ragtharg
why did a Blood DK solo 2v1?
you & you're priest friend are bad.

>Be a Hunter, Shadow Priest, or Frost Mage
>Slow, slow, slow, CC, CDs, DPS, DPS, DPS, Rinse, repeat.
my god

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