Group of 4 LF a home

After several years of guild leadership, raid leadership, extensive raiding, website maintenance, and all the other goodies that go with it, myself and 3 of my friends have freshly transferred to Stormrage and are looking for a home to settle down, relax, retire, and just enjoy the game.

We are looking for a non-elitist guild that is well established with a solid foundation. Our desires in the game currently include old-school runs for transmog, achievements, and "just for the hell of it", light pvp, and possibly filling in for the occasional raid here and there if the team needs it. Our experiences as a whole range from 2 vanilla WoW raiders, 1 BC raider, and 1 BC casual player. We are a package deal, so it's all or none.

It is understandable that some guilds would be weary of group invites, but please know that we are not looking to come in and create a clique, or change how you run your guild. We are simply looking for a laid back home that we can chat in with other guild members and just have a general good time.

The guild should be active even during "non-raiding" hours, as we are not looking to be 1 of 2 or 3 people online at any given time. A home should be warm, cozy, and full of life - not dead and boring with the occasional use of a phoenix down during raid times. If we join your community, we will most definitely bring a towel.

If you are interested, the 4 of us are listed below. We will consult with one another and determine which guild best fits our needs. If you can, please leave the URL to your guild website in a response to this post so we can check you out! Also, we are NOT above filling out an application if it is required. We look forward to meeting the various people and guilds this server has to offer!

Russianbear#1180 and below forums, i am interested :)
Monolithic would enjoy adding your group to our guild. We are looking to add more members to make our guild a bit more social we have a solid core raid team but are looking to expand our numbers to make the guild more fun for old school runs and achievement hunting and things like that. we have a mumble server and wesbsite if you would like to check us out.

Possibly the guild you are LF. <In Other News>
Ungodly Wrath would gladly welcome you. We raid Tues, Thurs and Sun starting at 10:30 server time. We have an open core that allows our raiders to compete for a spot on the team. PST to me in game or msg Zakaveli, Viks or Ironyman if you have any questions. We transferred to Stormrage last month and are in need of some new blood. You can also check us out online at
After careful consideration, we have made our decision on a new home. I would like to thank everyone for their responses and I look forward to seeing you around Azeroth!

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